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How to Grow Carrots for Profit


Here is a guide on how to grow carrots for profit. Carrots are root vegetables rich in carotene, vitamins. There are many varieties, seasonal and easy to grow. They come in different colors like purple, white and orange. However orange is the most popular type.

Pest and Diseases

Carrots are susceptible to pests and diseases. Common problems are flea beetles, wireworms, aster yellow disease. Others are bacteria leaf blight, root knot nematodes, cavity spot.

  • Flea beetles
  • Wireworms
  • Aster yellow disease
  • Bacteria leaf blight
  • Root knot nematodes
  • Cavity spot.

Types of Carrots

Recommended varieties are little finger, planet carrots Danvers carrots and bolero. Others are Nantes, thumberline, chantenay, baby carrots and imperators carrots.

Planet carrots grow in clay soil and form large taproots while Nantes are short, stocky, reddish flesh and crunchy. There are two varieties of imperator the Atomic red and Autumn King.

Danvers have a sturdy appearance, conical and 8 inches long. Thumberline grows best in clay soil and are roundish.

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Carrot Varieties

  • Little finger
  • Planet carrots
  • Danvers carrots
  • Bolero
  • Nantes
  • Thumberline
  • Chantenay
  • Baby carrots
  • Imperators carrots

Planting Carrots

Select good seeds and plant in a row 4 inches apart. They are slow to germinate and take about 21 days to sprout. Prepare the soil and grow in full sunlight, keep soil moist.

Best soil is sandy and remove any stones or weeds. The soil should be loose, sandy or loamy. Deep till before planting and manure is not needed.

Use proper irrigation and well-drained soil is important for root the carrots. Carrots generally mature within 4 months.

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Steps to Grow Carrots

  • The first step is to loosen soil
  • Add a little fertilizer and mix soil
  • Make row 30cm apart
  • Sow seeds 2cm deep, 5cm apart
  • Water regularly to keep soil moist
  • The carrot seeds germinate in 4 months
  • Plant matures in another 4 months
  • Cover exposed carrots shoulders with mulch
  • Remove weeds regularly
  • Use organic pesticides to remove pests

How to Care for Carrots

Mulch to control the soil temperature, retain moisture and protect root. Water regularly to prevent dry soil at a frequency of 1 inch per week.

You can introduce fertilizer 6 weeks after sowing and weed diligently. This is to reduce or eliminate soil nutrient competition.


The vegetable root matures in 120 days in early summer. The mature carrot should be at least ½ inch in diameter. To store first remove the tops, wash and scrub off the dirt. Dry, seal and place in an airtight plastic before refrigeration. An old technique is placing the carrots in moist sand.

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