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yam in sacs

Yam is a favorite meal in many West African homes. The tuber root crop has good economic value and is easy to grow. Before planting yam you need a few equipment and basic knowledge of climatic conditions best for yam growth. Here are things you need to grow yam in sacs.

Things you need to grow yam in sacs

Obviously the main equipment is sacs, digger, and spade, source of water, hose, sturdy rope or wood. You can use empty bags of rice or any 15kg sacs for the planting process. Make sure you have good organic soil for best result.


  1. Sacs
  2. Knife
  3. Digger
  4. Spade
  5. Source of water
  6. Hose
  7. Sturdy rope or wood
  8. Good organic soil
Lean how to grow yams in sac at home

Soil Preparation

The first step before planting your yam is soil preparation. You can prepare a compost heap of leaves, humorous soil. Alternately purchase rich soil from local farmers or florists. The next step is to gather the sacs.

Gather the sacs

The sacs you need are minimum 15kg sacs for best result. Larger sacs are better because they provide adequate space for the yams to grow. Once you have the sacs, perforate the underside of the sac.

The reason you need to perforate is to allow water escape when watering. Use a nail or puncher to make small hole at the bottom of the sacs. Refrain from over perforating and a few holes will suffice.

Prepare the planting space

You need to prepare a planting space for the sacs. The location you choose is very important to the success or failure of the enterprise. Best climatic conditions for yam growth are semi-tropical regions with moderate rainfalls and 14 hours sunlight.

Make sure the space has direct sunlight, and rainfall. Clear any tree or shaded areas in preparation for planting. The sacs are placed on the soil therefore, clear the ground of stones and make the base level.


Next prepare the sacs

Arrange the sacs in rows a few feet apart or close together. If you arrange them close together each sac offers support to the next. Then fill the sacs with the rich organic soil. Once the soil is in the sacs, water the soil in the sac.

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Choosing the yam

Select large yams that have broken dormancy. This simply means yam that have green growth at the head. Once you have the yams cut them one inch apart, then cut each piece into four or eight pieces. The cut pieces of yam should be treated to prevent insects or bacteria.

Choosing yam sprouts

Another more productive way is to purchase yam sprouts from farmers. This method ensures faster growth and better chances of good yield.

Plant the yam

Use a hand spade to dig into the soil in the sacs, and then plant the yam pieces. Cover them with soil and immediately wet the soil. Once the yam starts to sprout and is about five inches add soil.

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Use wood stakes or sturdy vines

The sprouted yams are climbing plants therefore provide support. The support is either wooden stakes or sturdy vines. The sprouts will grow and leaves will form a canopy.

At the initial stages make sure to water every day. Once properly established reduce to every other day. Sporadically apply fertilizer to aid faster growth.


It takes about 5 to 6 months before yam is ready for harvesting. To know when to harvest the green leaves will start turning brown. The brown leaves will begin to dry-up and wilt.

Wet the soil prior to harvesting the yams. Because they are grown in sacs harvesting is easy. You have two choices dig out the yams carefully or cut open the sacs.

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19 thoughts on “How to Grow Yam in Sacs Beginners Guide”
  1. Can I fertiliz my soil before planting my yam

    Can the time of growth for yam be reduced to less than three years.

    Kindly reply this question of mine. Thank you

    1. It does not take yam three years to grow. Yam is fully grown and ready for havesting from seven to eight months. It also depends on the species, some mature at six months. To know when to harvest you will notice that the leaves have started drying. Some farmers have two harvest season in a year 6 months to seven months apart. The best soil is rich lose organic soil, yam will grow in any good fertile soil

  2. I have a plot by my house. Am racing to get sacks and yam seedlings now. How do I handle termites. Are termites harmful.

    1. Yes termites should be eliminated. If you want to go commercial it is wise to engage seasoned yam farmer in the early stage, especially during the treatment and planting stage. You will have faster success using yam sprouts.

  3. Dear Tony,
    Thanks for sharing this wo derfil and beneficial information. About yam farming in sacs.
    I want to know how long does it take to sprout. When will flowers start emerging?
    Thanks very much for anticipated timely response.


    1. Once you cut the tube, cuttings lie out for one week to callous over after being washed with Bordeaux mixture, a solution of copper sulfate and lime in water, to protect them from diseases such as tuber rot.depending on the species it takes about 6 weeks to sprout

  4. Thanks so much.
    Must I plant seed yam horizontally. If I plant vertically, is there any negative effect.

    Secondly can I plant maize on top of the sac that contains my yam

    1. Yam general grow downwards. It is an interesting idea to experiment with maize, however I haven’t tried it. When I try it and it works then I will write an article about it

  5. 1. Is there any means of survival, if yam planted in December is now (May) transplant into sac? It’s due to the fact that land owner wants to use the land.
    2. Please, yam planted in early May can it yield?
    Thanks God bless you for being there.

    1. February to April is ideal planting season for yam, however may is not that far out. If you planted your yam December they are almost ready for harvesting. Plead with the land owner for more time. Transplant established yam is labor intensive and I’ll advices. There is no guarantee that the yam will take root

  6. Woow thanks alot for these information about tam sac planting.
    Pls I have lots of termites in my compound and I will love to do these yam sac farming,how do I go about it since that theses termites won’t destroy my yam farming?
    Thanks again.

    1. (2015) recorded 10 species of termites recognized by farmers as pests of yam, among which A. evuncifer (Termitidae: Amitermitinae) and T. oeconomus (Termitidae: Nasutitermitinae) were designated as the most damaging ones. However, the diversity and abundance of termites in yam fields remains largely unknown. …It would be best to get rid of the termite first

  7. Is it possible to use concrete floor to cultivate sack yam plantation? Can we also use fowl dung or decomposed human faeces as means of fertiliser?

    1. You can use any surface, however the sac should be large enough to accommodate a full sized yam. cow dung is better, but you can use chicken dung in moderation. Don’t use human feaces.

  8. As of sack system plantation; the source of is from the farmer, if the as answer is yes, can I not plant my yam round the year as long as I can get my yam seedlings?

  9. As of sack system plantation; the source of water is from the farmer, if the as answer is yes, can I not plant my yam round the year as long as I can get my yam seedlings?

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