How to Identify Abyssinian Shorthorned Zebu

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The Abyssinian shorthorn zebu has many sub breeds. Extensively bred its origins is traced to Ethiopia. Sub breeds are the Mursi, Harar and Hammer.
Others include the Bale, Ambo, Adwa, and Jijiga. We also have the Smada, Oganden zebu found in the lowlands, Goffa and Arsi. A black highland sub breed of the Abyssinian Zebu is the Jem-Jem.
Abyssinian Shorthorned zebu Sub Breeds
• Mursi
• Harar
• Hammer
• Bale
• Ambo
• Adwa
• Jijiga
• Smada
• Oganden zebu
• Goffa
• Arsi
• Jem-Jem
How to Identify the Abyssinian Shorthorned zebu
The cattle looks like a massive bull has a mix of brown and white coloration. They have shorthorns, thick neck and an intimidating look. Some sub breeds are white while others are black or brown depending on the breed.

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