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How to Identify Highland Cattle Breed

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The highland cattle origin is traced to Western Isles of Scotland. Records show two distinct highland cattle however due to crossbreeding one on exists today. Because of their native environment in the highlands of Scotland, the breed is hardy and tolerant to diverse climatic conditions.
They have good temperament and very protective of their young. The cattle has great commercial value and is exported to many countries of the world.

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Physical Appearance Highland Cattle
The Highland cattle has long wavy coats of diverse colors. Different coloration include white, red, yellow, black, dun, silver or brindle. The bulls weigh 800kg, cows 500kg with long impressive horns. They have downy undercoats and long hair. Average bulls, cows height is100 -110 centimeters.
• Different colors
• Long wavy coat
• Long hair
• Long horns
• Bull weigh 800kg, cow 500kg
• Downy undercoat
• Average height 100 centimeters
They can survive in hilly, cold, windy areas and well adapted to foraging. They reach sexual maturity in one year six months. Gestation period is about 278-290 days while mating happens year long. Live expectancy average 16 years and cows give birth to single calf.
The milk produced by the highland cattle has a high butterfat content. The animal is also ideal for meat production.

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