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Preserve snails for export

Preserve snail for export is a highly lucrative business venture. Snails are in high demand, attract premium prices in local and international markets. They are good source of protein, very nutritious and easy to farm. However snail farming requires patience because it takes roughly a year to full adulthood.

Snail Economic Value

Snail is popular in local dishes, used by pharmaceutical companies, food canning or herbal practitioner. Processing and preserving snail for export guarantees earning in foreign currency. Here are methods used in preserving snail for export.

Preserve snails for export
snail farming

Processing and preservation of snail meat

It is important to follow quality standards when processing snail for export. This is because once killed they become highly perishable and spoil rather quickly.

The method used in processing the snail for export is applicable to medium or small farmers. To increase the marketability and basic standards, hygienic precautions are in order. Make sure as a handler you follow food handling, health and safety rules in your country.

Things Needed for Snail Export

Things you need to start snail export are source of quality snail, startup funding, business registration, export license, tax, registration, processing/packaging equipment.

  1. source of quality snail
  2. startup funding
  3. business registration
  4. export license
  5. tax
  6. registration
  7. processing/packaging equipment

Product sourcing

There are two ways to source product from the local market. Purchase directly from snail farmers or use a wholesaler, another method is farming the snails yourself.


Secure funding through target savings or borrow from friends and family. Other methods are bank loans, line of credit, ventur capitalists, partnership arrangement.


Get a business name and register a limited liability company. The company needs a tax registration and register with the export promotional council of your country.

Locally fabricated snail processing machne

Snail processing procedures

  1. The first step is to stop feeding them for at least 24 hours. This will enable the snails to deficate what they have previously consumed and empty their bowles. The next step is to use a heater unit to boil adequate quantity of water in a drum.

2. Make sure the water temperature exceeds 70 degrees centigarade. Small hold farmers can boil the water in a large pot and check the water temperature then transfer into a drum or bucet.

3. Next stage is to add lumps of potassium or ammonium aluminum sulphate otherwise known as alum into the boiling water. Wash the snail first in clean water to remove any dirt on them then transfer immediately into the hot water and cover the container.

4. After about 180 seconds open the lid and pour out the dirty water to get rid of remaining dirt then cool under clean running water. If followed correctly all you need to do is shake the snails from their shells into clean water. You will notice that they will easily fall out of their shells.

5. The next step is to remove offal, rinse thoroughly in clean water. The snails are now ready for consumption or export. To export weigh them according to stipulated gram add preservative as required.

6. Seal in air tight packaging then refrigerate. The packaging must have name of processing company, address, date of packaging and weight.

Packaging snail for export

Make sure you are aware of strict packaging rules of country you want to export the produce. Snails are exported either processed or live depending on the international market or customers requirement.

Live export

To export live snail the snails are washed under clean water to remove dirt. Mode of transportation is very important because the animal should reach customer alive in shortest possible time.

This will reduce their stress and guarantee fresh product for the export market. Package them in aerated/ventilated basket, wooden box or cellophane packaging. Remember dont forget to include all the details of farm location and relevant info on packaging.

Exporting processed sanil

To export processed snail you have a choice of different packaging material. However the most commonly used packaging is cellophane bags.

Make sure there is no moisture in the cellophane bag and it is industrially aerated, packaged and sealed. The package is then refrigerated for local or international market.


Another processing method is drying the snail for export or local consumption. Method of drying involves oven drying or sun drying preservation method. If you use sun drying preservation method make sure they are sun-dried in safe germ-free environment.


An exporter needs to have an international customer base for the produce. There are many ways to find international buyers. A good method is to approach your contries export promotional council for guidiance.

Other methods are reaching out to foreign buyers through online resources. There are also unions, job boards, directories etc. consumer market includes restaurants, hotels, departmental stores, supermarkets, grocery stores. Others are people in your neighborhood, corporate events, event planners, celebrations.

Customer Market

  • restaurants
  • hotels
  • departmental stores
  • supermarkets
  • grocery stores
  • neighborhood
  • corporate events
  • event planners
  • celebrations

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International Buyers

Are you an international buyer interested in live or processed snail, use our contact form for request thank you.

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    1. SUN DRYING/OVEN DRYING: this is another preservation method for export, after sun drying or oven drying; it should be kept in a neat, aerated enclosure till when needed. Live snails could also be packaged in a wooden box, basket or cellophane with maximum ventilation for export too.About 21%, 6.7% and 7.4% preserved their snails by freezing, salting and drying methods respectively. About 65% prefer to store their snails alive. … Smoke drying method was more preferable in terms of taste, aroma, flavor and texture but oven drying was more preferable in terms of colour.

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