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Challenges Facing Catfish Farmer

Breeding catfish fingerlings for cash is big business and is easily done at home.  If you are cash strapped and want to go into catfish business this sector is ideal for you.

The business format could be large scale or small scale depending on the person’s budget and interest.

To start breeding catfish there is a check list of things you need to succeed. The first and most important thing is cash at least enough to buy the special fry concentrate. Others are inducement injection, and to build a two medium sized ponds.

You don’t need a large pond to breed catfish fingerlings but you need a minimum of two ponds.

catfishCatfish breeding checklist 

Any Space will do nicely

First on the checklist is space, any old space can do if you have clean source of water. Your fenced backyard is ideal once it can take two small tanks.

Big breeders use larger ponds because they breed thousands and need the space. Some people hire a shop because of lack of space and run plumbing work with an inlet and outlet.

Ponds for breeding catfish fry

Once you cave secured a secluded space for you catfish breeding project you go to the next plan. You need at lest two middle sized ponds and a small holding pond.

If you are cash strapped you can build the two ponds measuring four feet length, breadth and height. The last pond can be four square feet but a height of two feet.

The ponds can be plastic or block ponds with inlets and outlets. The smallest pond is where the initial breeding would take place while one pond holds the parent fish.

If you want to buy a new set of parent fish every time you breed then you need only the small pond and the big one. The inlet on the small breeding pond should be fitted with a device that allows the regulation of constant dripping water.

The outlet should be regulated to allow water escape while the inlet adds water.

6 Reasons Depper Ponds are Better

Buy the parent stock

Large old catfish are expensive so chose carefully both a male and female. Induce the female to produce eggs then squeeze them out, remove the sperm sac from male and mix.

Then place the fertilized eggs on a sponge surface of the breeding pond. After twenty four hours of constant trickle and recycling you get tiny fry.

How to start a catfish breeding business

1                                                Get adequate space for your ponds

2                                                Build or buy ponds

3                                                Buy parent stock

4                                                Induce spawning

5                                                Cater for young fry

6                                                Buy special feed

7                                                Market your fish

8                                                Sell in bulk at competitive price

Cater for fry

Catfish fries die easily so you need to cater for them or you lose your entire stock. They are not as strong as the juvenile or adults and are easily eaten by large fry.

You need to feed them and separate the fast growing shooter from the stock. That is partly why you have three ponds so they grow separately.

Fish farmers like shooters because they grow fast and are easier to handle.

How to earn from fish farm without selling stock

Buy special feed

Fry eat specially formulated feed that looks like finely ground powder. The formula is expensive but can last several breeding cycles.

As they grow and develop the size of the food increases from 0.05 to 2mm and above.

Grow the fish

Not many fish farmers are willing to take on fish fry so you need to grow them. With lots of tender loving care they should be ready for sale between three and four weeks old.

Start looking for your market when they are three weeks old so you can sell quickly. The ones that are not sold in time still needs to be feed so selling all your stock is imperative.

Before starting your catfish breeding program learn the science of breeding catfish. Prepare the holding tanks and get the parent fish and correct fish food.

Find buyers and offer your customers bulk purchase and discounts if possible.

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