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Homemade Ice Cream Business

Homemade ice cream is very popular with kids and adults. The popular dessert has been around for decades and a popular delicacy worldwide. The over $7 billion dollar industry shows no sign of abating and continuous to evolve.

Steps to start a homemade ice cream business

Steps to start a homemade ice cream business are learning the trade, writing a business plan and research. Others are developing different recipes, purchase of equipment, hire staff, network with courier service providers.

  1. Learning the trade
  2. Writing a business plan
  3. Research
  4. Develop different recipes
  5. Purchase equipment
  6. Hire staff
  7. Network with courier service providers
  8. Advertise
Homemade Ice Cream Business

Types of ice cream vendors

There are different types of ice cream vendors depending on the plan. We have ice cream trucks, ice cream parlor, franchise or homemade ice cream.

  • Ice cream trucks
  • Ice cream parlor
  • Franchise
  • Homemade ice cream

Develop some recipes

The recipe will determine the product to offer customers. Make sure the product is well researched, tried and tested before offering it to customers. Estimate cost per scoop, servings per container, and cost per gallon. Other considerations are spoons, cups, cones, samples.


There are health safety protocols guiding food or consumables. Register a business license secure employer identification number. Others are food handler’s health certificate, premises health inspection certificate. Invest in a comprehensive insurance plan, vending permit, commercial vehicle operator’s registration.

  • health safety
  • Register a business license
  • Secure employer identification number
  • Food handler’s health certificate
  • Pass premises health inspection certificate
  • Comprehensive insurance plan
  • Vending permit
  • Commercial vehicle operator’s registration

Business Model

The business model is homemade ice cream business however there are different niche in the industry. We have the ice cream truck, ice cream parlor, ice cream bicycle vendor. It is important to choose the type best suited to the business plan.

Another model is the ice cream franchise turnkey business. This involves investing money to obtain a franchise deal with a recognized dealer. They provide training offer support, supplies and recipe to aid the investor’s success.

An ice cream parlor involves establishing a shop, equipment, labor and marketing however a truck business mostly requires the use of an ice cream truck. The homemade is cream business is more service oriented and involves delivery of product to customers.

Types of ice cream

There are thousands of ice cream recipes to create a unique product. Some of which are tin roof ice cream, Concord grape sorbet with rosemary/black pepper, boozy Pina Colada ice cream and Strawberry honey Balsamic ice cream.

Tin roof ice cream is a chocolate sauce, vanilla ice cream toppings with scattered peanuts. More ice cream ideas are salted Caramel, vegan banana ice cream, saffron oil/sesame wafer ice cream, and blueberry-chia seed jam. We have the dark chocolate/cardamom, peanut butter/banana/jelly ice cream, sweet/sour strawberry semifreddo.

Types of Ice Cream

tin roof ice creamStrawberry honey Balsamic ice cream
concord grape sorbet with rosemary/black pepperboozy Pina Colada ice cream
salted Caramelvegan banana ice cream
saffron oil/sesame wafer ice creamblueberry-chia seed jam
dark chocolate/cardamom, peanut butter/banana/jelly ice cream
sweet/sour strawberry semifreddo 

Equipment for Homemade Ice Cream Business

The equipment to make homemade ice cream is same as parlor ice cream. Equipment are 6 dish blast freezer (cost $5000-$15,000), display cabinets and batch freezer. Invest in industrial grade ice cream maker, mixer/blender, batch pasteurizer, 3-1 machines.

Homemade rib barbeque business


Homemade ice cream business is service oriented or outdoors catering. Build an ecommerce website or dedicated blog to sell the product. Use social media like Facebook, Instagram, twitter to reach customer. Hire a social media marketer, use Adwords, Facebook advertisement.

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