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Chicken Diaper Business

Chicken diaper seemed rather strange however chicken breeders have used them for many years. The diaper are functional fashion accessories placed at the posterior end of the chicken.

The diaper accessory is used in both rural and urban areas with chicken population. They are perfect for chicken kept partial indoor to prevent messing up the place. People who keep chickens as pets definitely need chicken diapers.

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How to Start Chicken Diaper Business

The first step is to register the business to comply with legal requirements. Write a business plan then estimate the startup costs. Factor ongoing expenses, target market and understand customer base.

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Chicken Diaper Business

Chicken Diaper Making Skills

There are a few skill to master in the chicken diaper industry. It is important to have marketing skill, sewing knowledge and designing skill. Learn sewing skill through apprentice, online resources tutorials.


Register a sole enterprise or limited liability company. Obtain state permit, get business insurance and define the brand and open a business bank account. Fill a tax identification number


The business is basically a one man enterprise however hire someone with sewing skill. To deliver the product to customers use a registered courier service.


The entrepreneur only needs a small space with adequate storage facility. Locate the shop close to chicken farmers for better patronage.

Daily Routine

Daily routine of chicken diaper business involves purchase of raw material, sewing and fulfilling shipping orders. They design new products, brand and design an effective marketing strategy.


The market base are chicken farmers and chicken pet owners. Because the industry is highly specialized there is good growth potential. Advertise the product through product branding and print media.

Use flyer, billboards, posters and online ecommerce site. Try to establish a website to drive traffic to attract customers.

  • Use flyer
  • Billboards
  • Posters
  • online ecommerce site
  • a website
  • Facebook ads

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