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Chocolate Making Business

Chocolate continues to innovate with different flavors discovered daily. The billion dollar industry have major players in china, Western Europe and America. It is added to biscuits, snack bars, drinks, cereals, yoghurt and their products.

The business is highly lucrative for small/medium or large enterprises. Things needed to start the enterprise are business plan, factory, equipment, and labor, legal, branding, marketing.

Types of chocolate

There are different types of chocolate forms and flavor. Chocolate flavors are orange, coffee, vanilla, mint, strawberry. Ingredients added to the mix are ice cream, Carmel, fruit, peanut, nuts, and cereal.

Types are buttermilk, skim milk chocolate, milk chocolate, dark chocolate, baking chocolate, white chocolate. More are compound, raw, ruby, cocoa powder and compound chocolate.

Chocolate flavors

  • Orange
  • Coffee
  • Vanilla
  • Mint
  • Strawberry

Ingredients added to chocolate

  • Ice cream
  • Carmel
  • Fruit
  • Peanut
  • Nuts
  • cereal

Types of chocolate

  • Buttermilk
  • skim milk chocolate
  • milk chocolate
  • dark chocolate
  • baking chocolate
  • white chocolate
  • compound
  • raw
  • ruby
  • cocoa powder
  • compound chocolate
Chocolate Making Business

Business plan for Chocolate Making Business

Traditional business plan include executive summary, company description. Others are market analysis, organization, management structure, and service or product line. More are marketing, sales, funding request, financial projections.

  1. Executive summary
  2. Company description
  3. Market analysis
  4. Organization
  5. Management structure
  6. Service or product line
  7. Marketing
  8. Sales
  9. Funding request
  10. Financial projections

Location for Chocolate Making Business

Locate the facility close to raw material or ready market. Food production facility should be a purposely built structure suitable for chocolate making. Make sure the production facility has a packaging material store, cloakroom, production factory.

Others are designated loading dock, finished product store. Make sure factory has adequate ventilation, pallets/shelves lighting, insect proof windows and doors.

Gourment coffee business


Present the business plan including relevant documentation to commercial banks for loan appraisal. Secure funds from private saving or borrow from family and friends. Another way is to form a partnership or find venture capitalists.

Legal for Chocolate Making Business

According to the National Agency for Food & Drug Administration Control they have guidelines for pre-packaged food manufacturing in Nigeria. The agency will carry out inspection of facility, letter head with exact manufacturing location.

In the application letter provide label/packaging material, evidence of payment to agency and evidence of business incorporation or business name. Others are evidence of registration of brand name with trademark register.

More include contract manufacturing agreement, organogram of the company including names of qualified key officers. Add food handler’s certificate for production staff.

They will require list of storage facility including raw, semi-processed and finished products. Join manufacturer’s association get insurance and commercial tax license.

  • inspection of facility
  • letter head
  • label/packaging material
  • evidence of payment to agency
  • evidence of business incorporation
  • business name
  • evidence of registration of brand name
  • trademark register
  • contract manufacturing agreement
  • organogram of the company
  • names of qualified key officers
  • food handler’s certificate
  • production staff
  • list of storage facility
  • raw material
  • semi-processed
  • finished products
  • join manufacturer’s association
  • get insurance
  • commercial tax license


Key officers in chocolate making factory are quality operator, machinery operator, production manager, sales manager, accountant and drivers. Include acceptance letters or appointment of technical officers in the company.

They will require standard operation procedure, list of production facility and equipment including list of raw materials.

Food handler’s certificate

Food handler’s certificate is required for food manufacturing companies. The certificate covers raw materials, urinary test, chest x-ray, stool, hepatitis B, sputum tests.

How to make chocolate

Raw material to produce milk chocolate or white chocolate are milk, sugar cocoa mass and cocoa butter. The ingredients are blended in cylindrical tanks then rolled into finer granules.

Others processes involves warming the compressed mass to remove sour or bitter taste. Next step is tempering for chocolate to melt for fat crystals to achieve ideal tempering.

Chocolate Production Line

There are a few machines to consider in chocolate making. Purchase chocolate molding machine, chocolate pump and storage tank. Others are continuous chocolate tempering machine, coca fat melting tank sugar grinding machine and chocolate grinding machine.

Chocolate making machine

  1. Chocolate molding machine
  2. Chocolate pump
  3. Storage tank
  4. Continuous chocolate tempering machine
  5. Cocoa fat melting tank
  6. Sugar grinding machine
  7. Chocolate grinding machine.

Chocolate Storage tank

Top grade chocolate storage tanks are made from stainless steel. Make sure the capacity is from 1000L, motor power 2.2KW. Average tank dimensions 1220 x 1850mm net weight 1000kg electrical power 2.2KW.

Cocoa Fat Melting Tank

A cocoa fat melting tank should be stainless steel minimum capacity 600L. Electrical heating power 6KW, pump power 0.2KW, minimum dimensions 2000x1000x9000mm.

Sugar Grinding and Chocolate grinding machines

Purchase chocolate grinding machine with dimensions 2970x1320x1790mm, regulating motor 1.5KW. The sugar machine capacity is 250kg/h total power 9KW.

Chocolate moulding machine

Buy a moulding machine mould quantity 280x200x30, net weight 2500kg. It should have cooling tunnel temperature of 5-10C, cooling time 30 minutes.

Marketing chocolate

Chocolate marketing involves branding, advertisement and distribution. Use flyers, posters, banners, business cards and billboards. Advertise on television, radio, online channels, and social media. Use a blog, ecommerce store, drop ship arrangement.

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