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A completely overlooked enterprise is cooking oil recycling business. The business is lucrative, eco-friendly easy to establish. However startup requires good equipment, mode of transportation, seed money. To source the product appropriate networking is essential.

Why start cooking oil recycling

Used cooking oil if not properly recycled is very hazardous to the environment. It has negative effect on nature polluting our waterways and pipes. Operators in this business helps the environment while making lots of money.

With proper networking there is a huge variability of the product. Another advantage is the large number of products obtainable from used cooking oil.

Types of Cooking Oil Recycled

there are different types of cooking oil recycled. common types are canola oil, olive oil, soybean oil. others include peanut oil, corn oil,sesame oil. More are vegetable oil, sunflower oil and lard.

Types of Oil

  • canola oil
  • olive oil
  • soybean oil
  • peanut oil
  • corn oil
  • sesame oil
  • vegetable oil
  • sunflower oil
  • lard

Uses of used cooking oil

There are many uses of used cooking oil to make it viable. Uses include production of biodiesel, bio-fuel, lubricants and greases. Others include production of cosmetics, detergents and soaps. Some use it in the production of animal feed.


  1. biodiesel
  2. bio-fuel
  3. lubricants
  4. greases
  5. cosmetics
  6. detergents
  7. soaps
  8. animal feed

How to Start Cooking Oil Recycling Business

Cost and Funding

Cost considerations depends on the scope and size of the business. It also involves conversion technique, collection vehicle, containers. Others include lease of warehouse, marketing, storage, utility bills. Secure long term low interest bank loans, sell startup equity or borrow from friends and family.

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Yellow grease

Yellow grease is a bye product of industrial fryers. It is commonly found at eateries, fast food outlets and restaurants. The grease is a waste product that is disposed of by them, recycling companies collect the grease for free or at a small price.

To collect the yellow grease provide airtight container, safety gear and transportation. The grease is in-turn sold to companies that use organic waste in their production process.

Business template and registration

There are two aspects to organic waste collection. The business template is collection, supply or use the organic waste. To handle waste oil a license or certification is required.

Obtain a license from the appropriate federal or state regulatory body. Register a business name and incorporate the business. Make sure to have tax clearance certificate and liability/health insurance.


There are many conversion processes applied to waste oil to produce grade oil. The application and process depends on the industry specification. To attain industrial grade oil the waste cooking oil is processed through heat application, filtration, cleaning.

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Dealers in the product have a huge market to consider. The used oil is an ingredient in beauty products, cosmetics, cleaning agents. Others are organic chemicals, power generation and animal feed production. Make sure to approach companies interested in the product.

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