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Exide Battery Dealership

There are different types of batteries with various applications therefore an investor interested in starting a battery dealership needs to understand battery technology. Elements of batteries are cells, chemical reactions, electrodes and circuits while omponents include negative electrodes( the anode), positive electrodes (the cathode) and electrodes. The battery stores electrical energy which is generated to power devices.

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Exide Battery Dealership

Types of Batteries

There are two categories of batteries the primary or secondary batteries. Primary batteries are non-rechargeable while secondary batteries are rechargeable. Chemistries of rechargeable batteries include Nickel-metal Hydride, Lead-Acid, Nickel Cadmium and Lithium ion battery.

About Exide Technologies

The company Exide technologies limited are the world’s largest producers, recyclers and distributors of lead-acid batteries. It is an American manufacturing company that specialize in Lead-acid batteries. They are based in Milton, Georgia and produce batteries for the automotive and industrial sector.

Founded 1888 by WW Gibbs the company earned 2.9 billion in revenue, 57.9 million operating income in 2011. Company locations are Exide tech Milton Georgia, Exide Europe Gennevillers France.

Exide Technologies have 3 R&D facilities in US, 2 in Europe and operates 3 recycling plants in US, with representation in 80 countries. There principal sales offices in Hong Kong, Sydney, Mexico, Dubai, Shanghai and Sao Paulo.

Exide Battery Brands

To start the business exide battery dealership should purchase only branded products. Top battery brand names to consider are DYNEX, CEIL, SF SONIC. Others are INDEX, CHOLRIDE, Black Panther and EXIDE brands.

  • CEIL
  • Black Panther
  • EXIDE brands

Types Exide Batteries

There are three main categories of battery sold by Exide. Their products include automotive batteries, industrial batteries and Genset batteries.

Automotive batteries are four wheeler, two wheeler, three wheeler. Other types of batteries are submarine batteries, home ups system, inverter batteries, solar, E-rickshaw vehicle batteries.

  • industrial batteries
  • Genset batteries
  • Automotive batteries
  • four wheeler, two wheeler, three wheeler
  • submarine batteries
  • home ups system
  • inverter batteries
  • solar
  • E-rickshaw vehicle batteries

Automotive Exports for International Business

Automotive exports include Exide, chloride, clack panther. Others are CEIL, index and Dynex. International export provisions focus on brands, application matrix and products.

International Export Products

There are many products to purchase as a dealer from Exide. Products are static inverters, cap lamps, solar batteries. More include electric vehicle batteries, golfcart batteries.

You have forklift/pallet truck batteries, ups batteries, power plant and switch gear batteries. They stock solar home lights, solar street lights, and solar PV modules.

Exide Battery Products

1. Automotive battery

They type of automotive battery manufactured by Exide are 4 wheeler, 3 wheeler and 2 wheeler.

2. Home UPS System

Home UPS systems are manufactured to the highest standards. The manufacturer’s produce different KVA batteries that offer power solutions.

3. Submarine Batteries

Submarine batteries are sold to accredited arm forces in different countries.

4. Genset Batteries

Genset battery range in size based on the type of generator it powers. There are also customization options for generator manufacturers.

5. Solar Batteries

Solar technology is fast gaining ground therefore Exide manufactures a range of tubular sola batteries. Types of solar batteries they manufacture are solar home lights, solar street lights, solar PV Modules, solar inverters/PCU

  • solar home lights
  • solar street lights
  • solar PV Modules
  • solar inverters/PCU

6. Inverters

There range of inverters to purchase are inverter batteries, static inverter, solar inverter

7. Industrial Batteries

Industrial batteries cover power generation, telecommunication, locomotive transportation, tractors.

How to Become Exide Battery Dealership

Exide is synonymous with high quality durable batteries. The led-acid batteries are made for automotive engines, industry, home and transportation. Exide being the largest supplier of vehicle batteries offer support for interested investors or dealers.

To secure a dealership you need a dedicated office with storage facility. Others include company registration, tax details and funding. To become a battery accredited dealer approach the major wholesaler or manufacturers in your locality.

In most countries including India there is a major partner or representative. In India reach out to Exide industries limited at Exide house 59E Chowringhee, Kolkata-700020. There are regional offices in Banglore, New-Delhi, Mumbai and Chennai.

Price of 2020

Exide Inverter Plus (FEI0-IN1800PLUS) 180AH Battery ₹29,025,

Exide Inva Plus IP1800 180AH Battery₹18,990Exide TM 500 150AH Tubular Battery₹10,000Exide 1050VA Sine Wave Inverter With Invamaster IMTT-1500 150AH Tubular Battery₹18,600

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