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An integrated pack house intending to export needs to follow guidelines for export. This include standardization, quality testing, and traceability to meet international standards. Packhouse processing includes safely handling the raw materials, holding and pre-inspection.

Premium is placed on food safety, hygiene, quality, traceability. Others are sorting the produce, grading them, weighing, washing and standardized treatment. There is quality control, packaging, pre-cooling, cold room storage. The package product for export goes through quarantine.

Start Fruit and Vegetable Packhouse

Pack house Requirements

A packhouse handles/processes fresh farm produce such as fruits and vegetables. An investor needs to have adequate facility to handle multiple produce. Infrastructure is expected to comply with state and federal laws.

A general requirement for fruits export to European Union is sanitary inspection. Therefore the facility must maintain high quality, disinfested vehicles and storage area. Packaging should meet international standards with easy traceability.

Pack Houses Responsibility

Responsibility of pack houses include proper design of facility, disinfected area. Others are procurement of raw material, good location. Other considerations are farm registration number, date of registration/renewal date. It is important to have a pest proof facility, conduct periodic application of prophylactic treatment around the facility.

Make sure to providing exclusive plant quarantine inspection use of high quality equipment. Provide a separate storage area, and approved packaging box. On the label include the farms address, location, total land area, type of crop produced.

Agriculture in Israel

Terms for registering a farm for export of fruits and vegetables

There are terms and conditions to register a farm for export of fruits and vegetables. Conditions include maintenance and monitoring of farm by appropriate authorities. They are monitored by state department of agriculture.

This is to ascertain the farming practice, use of pesticide type of crop produced and farm registration. Fields considered are farm registration number, date of registration/renewal date. Name and address of farm, location, total land area, type of crop produced.

Terms and Conditions

  1. Farm registration number
  2. Date of registration/renewal date
  3. Name and address of farm
  4. Location
  5. Total land area
  6. Type of crop produced

Certificate of registration of farm for export

A certificate for registration of farm for export is issued by the authority. Details of the registered farmer include certificate validity period, map layout enclosed, verified survey.

Packhouse Layout


The departments are weighing and inspection area, holding area, processing area, .others are packaging, stacking area, inspection, pre-cooling or cold storage, loading area. More areas include hot water treatment area and laboratory.

Processing Areas

  • Docking
  • Weighing
  • Inspection
  • Holding
  • Processing
  • Packaging
  • Stacking
  • Inspection
  • Pre-cooling or cold storage
  • Loading area

Packhouse flow

The flow chart starts with the harvesting of raw material from the farm. Then the material arrives at the packhouse. Primary inspection is carried out before weighing in pre-inspection area.

Raw material is then sent to a holding area in the processing area the raw material is sorted and graded. Produce is then packaged and final produce stacked in stacking area. The produce is then subjected to inspection by plant quarantine authority.

Any produce that does not pass inspection is rejected and disposed. Once it has passed inspection it goes to pre cooling or cold storage if required. Final stage is the dispatch through the loading dock to wholesalers, retailers, stores.

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