How to Start Grade A Halal frozen chicken business

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Grade A Halal frozen chicken business


This article is not appropriate for people under 18, sensitive person or vegans. The article contains words like slaughter, jugular, meat, blood, carcass.

Supply Grade A Halal frozen chicken

Before you start the business of supply of Halal grade frozen chicken it’s important to know what is Halal. Halal is an Islamic injunction that has to do with the way and manner an animal is killed for meat.

Halal meat Specifications

What is Halal

Halal is Islamic permissible food that follows the Islamic laws as stated in the Koran. It involves the form of slaughter of livestock animals through cut in windpipe, artery, vein or jugular. During the process of slaughter a Muslim recites a dedication, know as tasmiya or shahada. The animal must be healthy, alive and blood drained from carcass.

Stunning the animal for slaughter

Stunning of animal is common in slaughter houses worldwide. However there is a debate if stunning is permissible in Halal grade meat. According to Halal Food Authority stunning is used if the animal survives and are later killed through Halal method. However RSPCA regards slaughter without stunning as unnecessary suffering. Most processed meat in Europe are stunned before slaughter, hence the call for labelling of Halal grade product.

Difference between Kosher and Halal

Kosher food complies with kushrut dietary laws for Jewish faith. There are similarities between Halal and Kosher food method of slaughter without the recital rites of Halal. However kosher food strictly forbids the stunning of the animal before slaughter. Like Halal meat certain parts of the animal are forbidden.

What type of meat are sold in meat retailer shops.

Currently there is no requirement to label meat kosher or Halal. However HFA regulations compel slaughter houses, restaurants to meet requirements of Halal food. Therefore in many countries about 20% of meat are Halal compliant.

Grade A Halal frozen chicken business

Grade A Halal frozen chicken business are chicken slaughtered to Islamic Halal requirements. They are hand slaughtered with strict adherence to healthy live animals, humane treatment, cut and hygiene including SGS test. A supplier or restaurant can choose to label the meat.

Frozen chicken specification

Grade A Halal frozen chicken includes chicken breast, thighs, legs, paws and chicken livers. Frozen chicken specifications for Halal meat are no feathers, bruises, black pads, blood or offensive smell. Others are Drainage is 0 to -5°C for 8 hours with No traces of carved deep wounds. There should be no ammonia burns, weight: 800g-2500g, blasted at: -40°C., Storage at: -18°C and 100% Fresh and Frozen.

Minorca Chicken Introduction

Halal meat Specifications

  1. No feathers
  2. No bruises
  3. No black pads
  4. No blood
  5. No offensive smell
  6. Drainage is 0 to -5°C for 8 hours
  7. No traces of carved deep wounds.
  8. No ammonia burns
  9. Weight: 800g-2500g
  10. Blasted at: -40°C
  11. Storage at: -18°C
  12. 100% Fresh or Frozen


Packaging includes carton boxes, poly bags, Packing 27 MT.