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horse riding

If you already own a stable adding horse riding tours to your services will increase income. Most people subscribe to riding lesson for leisure and fun. However there are some competitive riders who desire additional lessons. Formulate a business plan, determine target market and conduct a feasibility study.

Learn the Trade

An instruction will benefit from learning and certification. To become a certified riding instructor you can join a few associations. Join the American riding instruction association, to learn different disciplines.

Courses include show coming, recreational riding, foxhunting, and stable management. The certified horsemanship association offers 3 years certification for instructors. Centered riding trains level 1, level2, and level3 riders in various disciplines.

More places to learn are professional association of therapeutic horsemanship international, US Dressage federation, Us Hunter Jumper Association.

horse riding
horse riding

Steps to Start Horseback Riding Lessons

Steps to start a horseback riding is to plan the business. Find a good name for the business, initial costs and target market. You need to define your lesson plan and set lesson fees.

Next step is forming a legal entity, tax registration and opening a business bank account. Follow-up with a business account, obtain necessary license and permit. Get insurance, define your brand and establish a web presence.

Steps for Horseback Riding Business

  1. plan the business
  2. find a good name for the business
  3. estimate initial costs
  4. secure funding
  5. target market
  6. form a legal entity
  7. tax registration
  8. opening a business bank account
  9. obtain necessary license and permit
  10. get insurance
  11. define your brand
  12. establish a web presence


You need to define your target market and offer appropriate services. Services include riding lessons, boarding, tack sales and horse sales.

  • riding lessons
  • boarding
  • tack sales
  • horse sales

What the Job Entail

Apart from giving riding lessons the job entails many things. You need to care for the turf, go on trial rides, and clean the barn.

Other duties are feeding, watering trough, and turning out the stall. More are ordering inventory, customer service, training horses. You will muck stalls, carry hay, maintain truck and vehicle.

General Duties

  • offer riding lessons
  • care for the turf
  • go on trial rides
  • Clean the barn
  • Feeding
  • watering trough
  • turning out the stall
  • organizing inventory
  • customer service
  • training horses
  • mucking stalls
  • carry hay
  • maintain truck and vehicle


Locate the business close to new suburbia or urban area. The demography should accommodate picturesque trails for easy riding.

Horseback Riding Equipment

Horse riding equipment are easy to source and expensive. Horse tack refers to accessories like bits, halters, bridles. More are saddles, martingales, breastplates, harnesses. Othe equipment are saddles, stirrups, headgear and halters. You have bridles, rein.

Horse tack

  • bits
  • halters
  • bridles
  • saddles
  • martingales
  • breastplates
  • harnesses

Horse Saddles and Stirrups

Saddles are seats fastened t the animals back for riders. There are different saddle types however saddle accessories are similar. Saddle accessories include saddle blankets, crupper, breeching, surcingle, and breastplate. Stirrups prevents the feet from hanging and support a riders feet.

Full List of Horse Riding Equipment

  • breastplates
  • martingales
  • harness
  • bits( Weymouth, double bridle, snaffle, curb bits)
  • reins
  • headgear
  • bridles
  • halters
  • stirrups
  • saddles
  • horse tack

Write a Plan

Conduct a survey then write a plan for the business. Focus on funding, target market, advertisement and legal issues.

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The business is capital intensive and challenging. Source funds through bank loans, cooperatives, microfinance bank. You will need to open an account in the bank provide collateral, guarantors. Approach core investors, venture capitalists, angel investors.

  • bank loans
  • cooperatives
  • microfinance bank
  • core investors
  • venture capitalists
  • angel investors

Best Horse Breed for Riding

Horses have unique individual or breed temperament. The ideal trail horse should be gentle, obedient and intelligent.

Quarter horses have good temperament and are great for beginners. Peruvian horse offers the smoothest ride. Other top breeds for trail riding are Arabians, Tennessee walking horse, Appaloosa and American Quarter horse.

Horse Breeds for Trail Riding

  • American Quarter horse
  • Peruvian horse
  • Arabians
  • Tennessee walking horse
  • Appaloosa

Expenses and Earnings

Horseback riding business attracts lots of expenses. Expenses are mortgage payments, inventory, utilities, and payroll. Others are feeding, veterinarian services, purchase of horses, saddles. You will make money from horse sales, lessons, boarding services. Charges range from $40 to $60 per hour for riding lessons.

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Advertise in radio, television and newspaper. Use flyers, posters, banners and signboard to reach target audience. Build a website for the business, offer discounts to regular customers. Increase awareness clinics, boarding, trail riding lessons.

  • advertise in radio
  • use television
  • newspaper advertisement
  • use flyers
  • posters
  • banners
  • a signboard
  • build a website
  • offer discounts
  • use social media
  • guest blogging
  • Adwords
  • Offer added services


Separate personal expenses by getting a business credit card then open a business bank account. Get insurance and tax identification number. To maintain personal asset protection register the business as a limited liability company. Join a local riders association and find out state and federal laws guiding the business

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