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Onion Export business is very lucrative and moderately challenging. The product should conform to export recommendations and provisions. There are many documents an exporter needs to successfully carry out the venture. There are the usual documents like company registration, tax, and insurance cover. The exporter needs to have a dedicated company account and export license.

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Why onions export

Onions are readily available in huge commercial quantity only in a few countries. The product is highly sort and one of the top consumables in the world. Onions are used in stews, soups, salads, different meals and even drinks. They are eaten raw, grilled, fried, stewed, smoked depending on the application. Import provisions depend on the buyer of the produce.

Types of onions

Those willing to buy your onions prefer certain types of onions. It is important to know your customers preferences and onion type. However exports can only deal with the types of onions farmed in their locality. Types are chives, red onion, sleeks, welsh onions, Spanish onions. More are pearl onion, green onion, red wing onion, Bermuda onion, Egyptian onion, yellow onions and white onions.

  1. Chives
  2. red onion
  3. Sleek
  4. Spanish onion
  5. Pearl onion
  6. Green onion
  7. Red wing onion
  8. Bermuda onion
  9. Egyptian onion
  10. Yellow onions and white onions.

Types of onion export to consider

A type of onions exported depends on the customers demand. You have chilled onions, dried onions, or spring onions.

.           Chilled onions

.           Dried onions

.           Spring onions

Top producers of onions

Some countries have abundant supply of onions for the international community. Top producers of onions are Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, Viet Nam, and Malaysia. Others include Bangladesh, Indonesia, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates, India and Nepal.

Things you need to start onion export

It is important to find a good source for your onions. Ways to purchase onions includes direct purchase from farmers, or use middlemen. Make sure the onion is graded and of high quality to meet international standard. The onion should be devoid of bruises, disease or deformity. Type of container used in shipping onions is reefer container.

Documents to export onion from India

To export onion in India requires certain documentation.  Documents needed are letter of credit, Apeda certificate and sanitary certificate. Others are IEC, invoice, GST Copy and certificate of origin.

  1. letter of credit
  2. Apeda certificate
  3. sanitary certificate
  4. IEC, invoice
  5. GST Copy
  6. Certificate of origin

How to get buyers for the produce

The major challenge for new exporters is finding buyers abroad. There are many ways to find buyers and market the produce. Marketing strategies include use of online resources, social media and Google search.

Another way is to build a website to advertise the products. To reach potential buyers use Google ad words or Facebook ads. Make sure the website has useful content, contact address, email and about page.

Some new exporters send potential buyers export samples. To reach potential business partners, attend trade fairs, visit an export promotion agency or commodity board for help.  Other good sources for contacts are government agencies, and agents.

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