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Online Dog Treat Sales

Online dog treat sales is perfect for home moms, small business owners or entrepreneurs. It is important to develop an effective marketing strategy for the products. Things to succeed include baking quality specialty goods at high competitive level. A good online marketplace to consider is or amazon.

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Conduct Market Research

The first step to start online treat sales business is to conduct marketing research. Next develop a plan, prepare and define target market. The business is highly competitive therefore set goals or target.

The next step is to develop a product, research consumer spending habits. It is important to research competitor’s performance and sales to have a clearer picture.

Online Dog Treat Sales
dog treats

Develop a recipe

Dog food or dog treat related industry is very competitive and challenging. This is because here are many people in the industry. However dog lovers are experimental and will buy a treat that looks appealing on a whim.

Make sure the recipe is delicious and highly competitive. If the dog owner sees that the animal likes the product there is a good chance they will come back for more.

Localize the delivery

Unless canning is in order it is best to sell directly to local market. This will guarantee freshness of the product and faster delivery.

Types of dog treats

There are different kinds of dog treats popular in the industry. We have personalized dog treats, dog birthday treats, herbal treats, doggie gift box, dog birthday cake, and doggy éclairs

Many a made into bone like biscuits, doughnut or heart shaped treats. Types include cheese dog treats, natural chicken treats, postal tray bake, natural crunchy, natural coconut, dog cupcakes, classic dog biscuits, hardened yak milk.

List of some dog treats

  1. Personalized dog treats
  2. Dog birthday treats
  3. Herbal treats
  4. Doggie gift box
  5. Doggy éclairs
  6. Bone biscuits
  7. Doughnut
  8. Heart shaped treats
  9. Cheese dog treats
  10. Natural chicken treats
  11. Postal tray bake
  12. Natural crunchy
  13. Natural coconut
  14. Dog cupcakes
  15. Classic dog biscuits
  16. Hardened yak milk

Cost of dog treats

The cost of dog treats range from $4 to $20 average price $7.most companies offer free delivery if in the locality.

dog treat ingredients

Different dog treat ingredients

The type of treat will determine the ingredient used in the preparation. Peanut butter treats (flour, peanut butter, eggs and water). Chicken dog treats (diced chicken, cooked rice parsley one egg).

Dog milk treat (organic wheat milk, pureed baby food, sweet potatoes, beef), dog biscuits (wheat flour, beef broth, flaxseed, peanut butter, oats). Sweet potato fries use sweet potatoes, turmeric.

Peanut butter treat

  • Flour
  • Peanut butter
  • Eggs

Chicken dog treats

  • Diced chicken
  • Cooked rice
  • Parsley
  • Eggs

Dog milk treat

  • organic wheat milk
  • pureed baby food
  • sweet potatoes
  • beef

Dog biscuits

  • wheat flour
  • beef broth
  • flaxseed
  • peanut butter
  • oats

Sweet potato fries

  • sweet potatoes
  • turmeric


Dog treat market is very robust and profitable. Online treat sales is increasing every year offering good margin for producers. To reach buyers use Google Adwords, Facebook marketing, blog posts.

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