Hydroseeding: How to Apply Hydroseeding in lawn Production


What is Hydroseeding?

Hydroseeding is mixing soil additives, fertilizer, grass seed and mulch. The mixture is applied using high pressure distribution as spray or slurry hose. The mulch seeds then produce a lawn in the quickest possible time.

Hydroseeding is non-toxic safe easy to apply provides rapid application fast production within a week mowing in 1 month.

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Installation process

The best time to grow a lawn is summer with temperatures 75 degrees. Provide adequate sun, water and they grow fast. First install sprinklers remove debris smooth out soil. Next add edging material then apply compost/topsoil 3 inches.

Treat soil with lime make sure alkaline and PH level are right then introduce seeds, mulch and water. Finally introduce fertilizer to hydro-seed tank and mix thoroughly. Spray hydroseed over soil and keep moist for 2 months after 4 weeks mow lawn.

  1. install sprinklers
  2. remove debris
  3. smooth out soil
  4. add edging material
  5. apply compost/topsoil 3 inches
  6. treat soil with lime
  7. test alkaline and PH level
  8. introduce seeds
  9. mulch and water
  10. introduce fertilizer to hydro-seed tank
  11. spray over soil
  12. keep moist for 2 months
  13. lawn after 4 months
wheatgrass business
wheatgrass business

Disadvantage of hydroseeding

Without supplementary irrigation in dry periods the technique will fail. It requires proper irrigation, erosion control, and good weather. Mulching is short lived requires adequate rainfall. The technique is not accessible in rural areas where farming activity is high.

  • proper irrigation
  • good weather
  • mulching is short lived
  • adequate rainfall
  • technique not accessible in rural areas

Why Hydroseeding

Hydroseeding encourages establishment of native vegetation or grass. They technique fosters deep root establishment, promotes root production, soil enrichment, low disease.it adds nutrients to soil, improves soil, stimulates natural plant growth.

It reduces the growth of weeds, protects soil against erosion. The technique is cost-effective provide richer healthier lawn, quicker germination. Another advantage is water conservation good water retention added nutrients in soil.

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Advantages of hydroseeding

  • encourages establishment of native vegetation
  • fosters deep root establishment
  • promotes root production
  • aids soil enrichment
  • low vegetation disease
  • adds nutrients to soil
  • improves soil
  • stimulates natural plant growth
  • reduces the growth of weeds
  • protects soil against erosion
  • cost-effective
  • richer healthier lawn
  • quicker germination
  • water conservation
  • good water retention
  • growth time 7-10days

Application of hydroseeding

Site selection includes low trafficked area, no-construction activity. Apply irrigation clear areas remove debris and prepare soil. Grade area and distribute soil appropriately to encourage seed germination. Apply compost blanket or use straw mulch, remove vegetation then spray with hose.

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