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The Brangus cattle is a cross between Braham and the Angus cattle. Genetic markers of Brangus are five-eight Braham, Three-eight Angus.
Developed in 1932 by the international Brangus Breeders in USDA Experiment station in Jeanerette. The hardy cattle is resistant to heat, humidity and cold conditions. They have good maternal instincts, good disease resistance, and superior carcass quality.
They exhibit superior fertility, produce good quantity of milk, beef. They gain weight rapidly, parasite resistant and exhibit late maturity
Physical Characteristics
The Brangus have the best of both worlds the Braham and Angus. Before they are classified as Brangus the cow must have 5/8 Angus, 3/8 Brahman. They come in two colors the black or red Brangus.
The cattle has a prominent hump, flabby ears, sturdy look. They exhibit neck folds, pigmented skin, loose skin and sleek coat. The ears are medium to large and hornless. .
The cattle mature in 48 months and breed in 18 months. The cow and bull can breed for 12 to 14 years. Mature cows weigh 1200 pounds while bulls weigh 1800 pounds.
• 5/8 Angus, 3/8 Brahman
• Black or red Brangus.
• prominent hump
• flabby ears
• sturdy look
• exhibit neck folds
• pigmented skin loose skin
• sleek coat
• ears are medium to large
• Hornless. .
• Mature cows weigh 1200 pounds
• Bulls weigh 1800 pounds

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  1. It was mentioned that the Brangus cattle breed is a hardy breed, thus resistant to heat. My brother has always wanted to be a cattle farmer, but he lives in a quite warm climate. I will have to ask him if he has thought about investing in the Brangus breed.

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