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Integrated agri-aquaculture system comprise agriculture and aquaculture sub-system. Most farmers are small hold farmers or household enterprise. It involves integration of animal manure as pond fertilizer, crop and fish production.

Terrestrial pond sediments is used as crop fertilizers is used as supplementary feed for fish. Interactions include weed and pest control components of agri-aquaculture system.

Importance of agri- aquaculture system

Importance of agri-aquaculture system includes multiple steams of income. Others are food security, low cost establishment, increased food production.

It encourages conservation offer synergy between different farming enterprises. Crop irrigation is facilitated by the waste water from aquaculture, animal manure as pond fertilizer while crop products acts as supplementary food for fish.

Advantages of Integrated Agri-Aquaculture System

  1. multiple steams of income
  2. food security
  3. low cost establishment
  4. increased food production
  5. encourages conservation
  6. offer synergy
  7. crop irrigation from waste water
  8. animal manure as pond fertilizer
  9. crop products as supplementary food for fish

Integrated farming system around the world

A major player in integrated farming is China. They also have Chinese embankment fish culture. Malaysia technology is fodder based fish integrated practice.

Bangladesh practice seasonal short-cycle species in ditches or ponds is a common practice. India is a major industry in integrated fish horticulture farming.

Top Countries

  • China
  • Malaysia
  • Bangladesh
  • India
  • Viet Nam
  • Philippines

Types of Integrated Farming System

There are different types of integrated farming system practiced by small/medium or large farmstead. We have the rice farming system and animal fish system. Animal-fish system comprises of integrated fish pig farm, integrated fish duck farming or backyard integrated chicken fish farming.

Animal-Fish Systems

  • integrated fish pig farm
  • integrated fish duck farming
  • backyard integrated chicken fish farming

Rice-Fish Systems

Top producers in rice-fish system are Malaysia, Indonesia, and China. Other countries that specialize in rice –fish technology are Viet Nam, Philippines. Variations in the system are rice-prawn culture, rice-fish system, low input rice-fish farm, rice-prawn and rice-shrimp culture.


Rice-Fish Technology

  • rice-prawn culture
  • rice-fish system
  • low input rice-fish farm
  • rice-prawn and rice-shrimp culture

Management of Rice-Fish Culture

Farmers using this system need proper management to succeed. it is important to determine where to culture fish and rice. Therefore proper site selection is of utmost importance.

Once appropriate site is acquired field preparation for sustainable culture. Next step is growing rice, stocking fish and feeding. It is important that the rice-fish ecosystem is properly managed.

Integrated Farming Fish Feeding

The type of integrated farm will determine the feed requirements. Fish feeding techniques include provision of produced feed for the stock. Others are biogas slurry, sewage fed-fish, and animal waste in fish ponds or plant sources.

Feeding Techniques

  • produced feed
  • biogas slurry
  • sewage fed-fish
  • animal waste in fish ponds
  • plant sources

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