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Japanese quail live 2 years are disease resistant, small sized birds. They weigh from 110-170g, lay an average of 150 eggs annually and mature with 6 weeks. Females are characterized by tan feathers with black spotted upper breast and throat. Males have a roundish structure a cloacal gland and brown coloration on breast feathers and throat. The molt brown bird has a characteristic shell pattern on eggs.

Japanese quail

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Why Start Japanese Quail Production

Japanese quail production is moderately profitable and requires small investment. The meat/ eggs are highly sort in some countries has good profitability. Other reasons include early maturity, low maintenance or housing. The small body sized birds require small amounts of feed to prude sustainable meat or egg.

  1. moderately profitable
  2. requires small investment
  3. meat/ eggs are highly sort
  4. early maturity
  5. low maintenance
  6. simple housing
  7. small amounts of food

Breeding, incubation and hatching

Breeding techniques include pair mating or 1 male 3 female. I n-breeding is not recommended to avoid passing genetic traits. Once fertilized eggs are produce handle with care then Pre-incubation collect eggs and store at 15c. Fertilized eggs are fumigated within 12 hours in incubator. Use a fan or still air machine to incubate the bird at appropriate temperature.

The incubation process lasts for 18 days. A fan ventilator requires egg turning every 3 hours for 14 days and eggs transferred to separate hatcher at humidity 70% wet bulb 90F. A still-air incubator humidity is 70% wet bulb 87F first 14 days then increased to 90F care of young chicks require supplementary heat source to grow. Use a gas brooder to provide heat for the quail chicks. Provide a drinking trough and fill with pebbles to prevent accidental drowning. Use old newspapers for the litter and spread food to encourage feeding

Japanese quail eggs


Quail are hardy birds however they a susceptible to poultry disease. Common poultry disease are fowl pox, Newcastle disease, Marke’s disease. Promptly remove any sick bird to avoid spreading any disease. Use proper veterinary doctor to administer vaccines if necessary.

Quality Storage or fresh eggs

Quail eggs according to studies have a higher weight density than older eggs. Same applies to size of yolk with decreases with age. The eggshell is also thicker with freshly laid eggs than those in storage.

Protein requirements

Scientists have carried out extensive research on Japanese quail birds. Variations in body weight was found in layers with low protein in their feed. On weight gain there was no effect of protein levels on feed conversion and feeding. Nutritional requirements depends on feeding program, climatic conditions availability of good formulated feed.

It is very important to regulate the protein intake because excessive protein results in low feed efficiency, higher nitrogen excretion. Adequate crude 20% – 24%protien with a decrease in protein intake with age. Layers require 20% crude protein while old birds require 21% protein.

Japanese quail

Ingredients in quail feed

Common ingredients in quail feed are salt, vitamin supplements, dicalclum, limestone, soybeans, corn, crude protein and vegetable achieve high fertility and egg production provide 17 hours light each day. Meat production on requires about 9 hours light each day.

Comprehensive Guide on Quail Farming


Provide well ventilated housing secure from predators or weather conditions make sure the housing is well sanitized, ventilated and install small cages or pen. Provide about 125cm -145cm an appropriate sized cage for paired birds with adequate head space is 14 x 20 space per bird.


The market for frozen quail carcasses, fresh eggs is growing. Therefore entrepreneur needs to network with wholesalers or retailers of meat and egg products. Packaging and branding is important if the target is supermarkets. The producer needs a food and drug identification number. Quail meat processing requires state regulations on slaughter, hygiene and handling of the bird.

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