Langshan chicken

Langshan chicken: Langshan chicken Information Guide

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Langshan chicken

Langshan chicken is a tall bird perfect for beginners because they are prolific breeders, have striking plumage with good egg production. The bird has a hardy constitution are tough, rugged yet gentile bird. Langshan are susceptible to cold and more comfortable in dry weather.

Langshan chicken

Facts about Langshan Chicken

Langshan chicken is bred for its eggs, meat and as an ornamental bird. Its origin is traced to China has poor cold tolerance with moderate heat tolerance. They have exceptional ability to evade predators and love to forage making them ideal for free-range farming. They are also perfect for confinement in cages or coops, The birds have low aggression towards other hens with moderate noise tolerance. Their egg laying ability is good and meat is delicious.

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Origin of Langham Chicken

Originally from China they were bred near the Yangtze River in Langshan District. By 1872 the birds were imported into England by Major A.C Croad. Four years later 1876 an ornithologist E. A Samuel of Waltham Massachusetts imported the chicken to America.

Unfortunately Langshan chicken is on the Livestock Conservancy watch list because they are getting extinct, however there are breeding programs re-introducing the bird to smallhold farmers.

Langshan Chicken Appearance

The Chicken is a tall bird with deep long chest with nice appearance. There are four different types of Langshan that look completely different from the other. The different types are Croad Langshan, German Langshan, Modern Langshan and Short-leg Langshan.

Types of Langham Chicken

. Croad chicken




Modern Langshan was developed by the English has long legs, small breast same as German Langham and Croad. Standard weight of the cock is 9ibs, hen 7 ibs, pullet 6 ibs. verity colours include black, white, blue, skin color white. The egg shell color is brown, the fowl is perfect for egg and meat production.

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