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Glucose Syrup Production

Glucose syrup production is made from hydrolysis of starch. However there are two types of syrups corn syrup made from rice, corn (maize) and glucose syrup made from cassava, wheat, rice, barely or potatoes.

It is used in fermentation industry to make syrup for food Confectionery.  Glucose content depends on the manufacturer’s specifications from 10%-45%-90% glucose content. Applications is found in the textile industry, made into sweeter or confectionery syrup.


Machinery related to the industry are cassava flour processing machine, gluten machine. Others are starch processing machine, syrup making machine, milling and screw dewatering.

  • cassava flour processing machine
  • gluten machine
  • starch processing machine
  • syrup making machine
  • milling and screw dewatering
  • dry mango slice
liquid glucose syrup

Common Raw Material Sources

Enzyme hydrolysis of starch is the process used in glucose production. The grade depends on the quality of oligosaccharides, maltose or glucose content. Common sources of raw materials used in liquid glucose syrup production. They are from rice, corn, cassava, wheat, rice, barely and potatoes.

  • Rice
  • Corn
  • Cassava
  • Wheat
  • Rice
  • Barely
  • Potatoes


Liquid glucose is used to enhance flavor, prevent crystallization of sugar, and soften texture or confectionery industry. It is used in textile industry, pharmaceutical industry, food industry. Other uses involve production of thickener, sweetener, and commercially prepared food.


  • Textile industry
  • Made into sweeter
  • Confectionery syrup
  • commercially prepared food product
  • thickener
  • variety of candy product
  • mass-produced foods
  • candies
  • soft drinks and fruit drinks

Description and specification

Description of liquid glucose depends on the manufacturers specifications. Liquid glucose made from corn starch should have dry solid of 75-85%.

The conversion process is achieved through the reaction of 2 enzymes to produce commercial prepared thickener or sweetener for foods.

Different sources of starch are sometimes used like wheat, potatoes or rice. Physical properties include light transparency, colorless or yellowish color, zero impurities, and viscous liquid.

Properties like sweeteners depends on hydrolysis reaction, hydrolase of mono. Common specifications are maltose smell, moderate or pure sweet without odor.

Others are colorless/yellow, 70-84% dry solids, PH 4.0-6.0. More are transmittance ≥96, protein ≤0.08%, sulfate ≤0.4, infusion temperature ≥135 etc.

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