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List of Buyer’s of Catfish in Nigeria

In Nigeria catfish farming is very lucrative and many people are into the business. It involves growing catfish from fingerling or juvenile to young or adult fish.

However the challenges facing the industry is real, it includes sourcing good quality juveniles, good source of water, electricity for your pumping machine, high cost of imported feed and selling the catfish.

Many catfish farmers face serious challenge selling their stock. Luckily catfish is very popular in Nigeria, therefore the fish farmers has huge demand for the product.

This is great new for catfish farmers because they have a wider choice of buyers of Catfish in Nigeria.

Before we list the buyers of catfish in Nigeria we will first look at the various challenges facing catfish farmers today.

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Rapid Growth of your Catfish

Challenges faced by catfish farmers

There are a few challenges facing catfish farmers in Nigeria. The major challenges are setting up the fish pond, stocking the pond with fish, good source of water supply, high cost of fish feed and selling the stock at maturity.

We will deal with each challenge one at a time, then reveal different ways to sell your fish stock.

  1. Setting up a fish pond

To setup your catfish pond you need a space for the pond. Best location is close to well or borehole.

You can locate a pond almost anywhere, however you need to consider the inlet and outlet. The inlet is the plumbing that feeds the pond from the top and outlet to discharge the water.

Type of Po d to consider are plastic ponds or block ponds, they are easier to establish and maintain.

To setup the PO d find suitable space install the pond, do the pipe for the inlet and outlet and fill the pond with water using a water pump.

  1. Stocking the pond

Many catfish farmers get it wrong when stocking the pond. They end up buying ow growing fish from bad breeders.

This type of fish will take more than 7 months to reach maturity. It is important to go to the fish breeding farm and personally select the fast growing shooters.

Buy juvenile catfish that are shooters for faster growth and turnaround period. Good stock will achieve 1kg in 5 to 6 months. In our next article we will show catfish farmers the secret to growing catfish fast to attain 1kg in four and half months.

  1. Good source of water

Without a good source of water a fish farmers is wasting his time. Best source is clean borehole water or well.

  1. Catfish feed

What contributes to the high cost of fish farming is the price of fish feed. Today 2 to 6 mm of 15kg bag costs from 11,000 to 14, 000 naira ( April 2022 ). It costs several bags to feed your fish to young adults or full adults 1kg and above. To make profit you need to calculate the total cost of feed and stocking with current prices of fish in the market to make profit.

List of Buyer’s of Catfish in Nigeria

Catfish farmers after feeding their fish to young adults or mature 1kg fish they find it difficult selling their stock. This shouldn’t be the case because there is a huge market for the product.

There are three ways to sell your fish retail or wholesale. The third way is both wholesale and retail. Selling wholesale means selling the entire stock once, retail is selling a few or single fish at a time.

We prefer selling the entire stock and turning over the profit. To successfully sell your stock you need to approach buyers according to the size of fish they prefer.

Wholesale buyers buy your stock per kg. Two types of fish preferred y them are 450 to 600g fish, 1 kg fish or those at least 1.5kg fish.

Who buys 450 to 600g catfish

The market for 450g to 600g catfish is huge. People who prefer this weight of fish are those that sell smoked fish. Although they prefer fish in the range of 500g they still buy 1kg fish.

Who buys 1kg catfish

People who buy 1kg catfish are restaurants, fast food outlets, entertainment centers, event planners, hotels, drinking and recreation venues.

Others are market women who are into catfish products. All of the above buy per kg and offer better prices than those buying 500g fish.


In conclusion we have highlighted different market for your catfish product. Today the business is getting more lucrative with more outlets to sell. All you need to do as a farmer is focus on table size or 500g fish then reach out to the appropriate to buyers.

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