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List of Gardening Tools and Farming Equipment


Farming Tool

Farming tools are heavy, light or hand tools used in the farming process. They are either manual or automatic based on the manufacturer’s specification. Equipment is needed for tilling, weeding, carrying, dumping and digging. Others are deployed as pest control, transportation, irrigation, harvesting.


Mechanization is a process whereby a farmer used machinery to carry out the farming process.

Examples of farming equipment

Examples of farming equipment are diggers, hay knife, pitch fork, drag hoe. Others include pitch fork, spade, plough, shovel, cultivators. More are planter, articulated tractor, harrow, sickle, rake, twine cutter. We have hand cultivators, sod cutter, dibber, curry-comb, rake, and tiller.

  1. Diggers
  2. hay knife
  3. pitch fork
  4. drag hoe
  5. pitch fork
  6. spade
  7. plough
  8. shovel
  9. cultivators
  10. planter
  11. articulated tractor
  12. harrow
  13. sickle
  14. rake
  15. twine cutter
  16. hand cultivators
  17. sod cutter
  18. dibber
  19. curry-comb
  20. rake
  21. tiller

Hand Tools

Hand tools are the most common tools used by farmers. They are easy to handle highly functional and cost effective. Hand tools generally require hard labor in farming activity. Common are pruning devices, sickle, sprinkler, and crowbar. Others are bolo, spade, pick, shovel, and shears. More include pick mattock, spade, hand towel, pitch fork, shrub rake etc.

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Hand Farming Equipment

Some hand farming Equipment

  1. pruning devices
  2. sickle
  3. sprinkler
  4. crowbar
  5. bolo
  6. spade
  7. pick
  8. cutlass
  9. shovel
  10. shears
  11. rake
  12. pick mattock
  13. hand towel
  14. shrub rake

Farm implements

Farm implements or agricultural are mounted or dragged depending on the function. Must are mounted on a tractor and used to plough, cut, trim. Point tractor hitch is used to attach implements to tractors. They are triangular shaped 3 point hitch that are weight resistant and highly effective.


  • To cut
  • Trim
  • plough


Tractors are without a doubt one of the most important machinery used in farms. Tractors come in various sizes, functionality and designs. They are used for digging, harvesting, haulage, plouging, harrowing. Some are highly adaptable while some serve only a specific purpose.

Garden Tools

Garden tools are either manual or machinery based on the function. Most garden machines are small sized used for cutting, trimming. We have lawn mowers, small chainsaws, and electric shears. Hand garden tools are garden knife, wheel barrow, and garden rake. They have wheelbarrows, cutlass, digger, rakes, scissors, flowering pots.

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