List of Poultry Farm Equipment

Before starting a poultry farm it is important to have a list of poultry farm equipment. A standard poultry farm uses many tools and equipment. They are meant for housing the birds, care or butchering.

Incubation Equipment

The number of equipment and tools used in poultry farming is huge. Let us start from the hatching of the eggs into small adorable chicks. The equipment list to run a successful hatchery is setter machine to test humidity and temperature.

The farmer needs a hatcher or incubator. There are three types of incubators the tunnels, walk in or vertical fan incubators. The turning mechanisms in some incubators require compressed air system.

Hatchery automation equipment is rack washers high pressure pumps and egg transfer machines. Others include hatchery tray washer, chick box washer, waste removal system and ovo vaccination equipment.

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Poultry Hatchery Equipment

  • setter machine
  • tunnel, walk in vertical fan incubators
  • compressed air system
  • rack washers
  • high pressure pumps
  • egg transfer machines
  • tray washer
  • chick box washer
  • waste removal system
  • ovo vaccination equipment

Egg Handling Equipment

Eggs are delicate and crack easily if handled wrong. Equipment to handle eggs are hatching egg transfer machines like vacuum egg lifts. The person needs to stock hundreds of egg trays. A light device to check the internal structure of an egg in a hatchery program is the candler.

  • vacuum egg lifts
  • egg trays
  • candler

Brooder Equipment

The small day old chicks that hatch are brooders. They require lots of warmth, light and space. Common tools are reflectors, stoves, gas brooder or electric brooder.

More include infra red bulbs, hovers and chick guard. The chick guard is to restrict the movement of the chicks. The farmer could also introduce electric heater with temperature adjust.

  • Reflectors
  • Stoves
  • gas brooder or electric brooder
  • infra red bulbs
  • hovers
  • chick guard

Feeding Equipment

The feeding equipment is either manual or automatic. The list includes automatic or semi automatic feeder. You have the adjustable linear feeder, shell grit box, semi-automatic circular feeder.

  • Manual feeder
  • Automatic feeder
  • semi automatic feeder
  • adjustable linear feeder
  • shell grit box
  • semi-automatic
  • circular feeder

Water Equipment

Water equipment is filers, water softeners, water heaters. Pan/jar,, plastic basin, automatic water device. Others are manual drinker, nipple drinker. The advantage of manual drinkers is easy establishment of vaccines and nutrients in the water. Vaccination is delivered through a syringe or automatic vaccinator.

  • Filers
  • water softeners
  • water heaters
  • Pan/jar
  • plastic basin
  • automatic water device
  • manual drinker
  • nipple drinker
  • syringe or automatic vaccinator


Basic tools are used for cleaning purposes while special ones are made for certain activities. A specialized tool is the beak trimmer, nest box and weighing scale.

Cleaning tools are rakes, sprinklers, spray. To slaughter the mature birds some farms have automatic conveyor belt system. They need guillotine, knives and slaughter slab. More are disposable sleeves, hair caps, overalls.

  • beak trimmer
  • nest box
  • weighing scale
  • rakes
  • sprinklers
  • spray
  • automatic conveyor belt system
  • guillotine
  • knives
  • slaughter slab
  • disposable
  • sleeves
  • hair caps
  • overalls
  • wheelbarrows


The housing depends on the type of poultry farming. Layers are kept in battery cages while broilers stay in deep litter room. Some use coup boxes, barns free range system. The need heating system, ventilation and space.

  • battery cages
  • deep litter room
  • coup boxes
  • barns
  • free range system
  • heating system
  • ventilation system

Marketing and Transportation

The transport van should have temperature control gauge. This is because chickens are easily stressed and will die. The farmer needs transport boxes to carry the birds.


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