Make Money Breeding Catfish Fingerlings


 Breed catfish Fingerlings for Profit

Catfish farming covers two major sectors Grow out sector and breeding sector.  There are two distinct areas of specialization and both can earn you steady income.

Some fish farmers opt for either breeding or grow out but some do both sectors. Breeding catfish is highly specialized and the equipment is slightly different.

Catfish breeders make lots of money if they know what they are doing. There are certain things they should do to make money in this business

Have a good business plan

Having a business plan is very important because it shows you what and where you are heading. A business plan takes care of sourcing the parent fish, finance, equipment, capital and sales.

Things to consider in your business plan are location, and advertisement cost. Other are medication, catfish feed, mortality of the fish and electricity


Luckily catfish breeding is not capital intensive because with basic equipment you can start the business. The capital you need includes buying two ponds and construction the hatchery.

Getting viable source of clean water like a well or borehole. Buying the prescribed injection used to induce the female catfish and a few other items.

The good thing about this business is you can go big or small depending on you preference. Catfish breeding is not capital intensive so you can source for finance through friends, family, personal savings or soft loans.


The equipment you need is basic such as two small ponds and an even smaller hatchery.  You need a water pump to carry water into the ponds and a debris free outlet.

The best kinds of ponds used for this business are above ground ponds. The ponds can be concrete pond, plastic pond or block pond.

Catfish breeders always keep old parent fish in separate tank. They are properly catered for so they are strong and good for breading.

The breeders try to avoid stocking parent fish from the same brood because mixing them produces better fish. The breeder can get parent stock from other fish farmers, government institutions or the open market.

Making money selling catfish fingerlings

The Breeder’s major source of income is selling the young fry or fingerlings to potential farmers. They make money selling in bulk or large numbers of fingerlings.

This is possible because a single parent female fish can produce about ten thousand offspring’s. The large number if they survive guarantees the fish breeder huge profit.

After the reproductive process the fish breeder needs to nurture them for four weeks before selling. Young fry and fingerlings might have a veracious appetite but because of their size hardly cost much to feed.

Cost of a fingerling

Price of fingerlings varies according to size and how long the breeder has kept them. A single fingerling does not cost much but when added in multiples become profitable.

A catfish breeder can easily make N100, 000 Naira from a single batch of fry. This highlight how lucrative the business is if you know what you are doing.

Marketing your fingerlings

You need to do aggressive marketing to get your main customers the fish farmers. If you have developed a clientele over the years then it gets much easier to sell your stock.

Use word of mouth, newspaper publications, posters, banners, radio advertisement to get customers.

Last word

Catfish breeding is big business it costs little to produce fry and the equipment used are simple and basic. Before venturing into the business learn the trade properly, get proper equipment and source for customers vigorously.

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