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Milk production is a highly productive venture with good capital appreciation. An entrepreneur is required to have a few dairy cows with quality milking equipment. Milk is in high demand including milk based products making the business very lucrative. Interested in starting a milk production business here are materials used in milking cow.


Milking is the processed used in removing milk from mammary glands of farmed animals. This is done through hand milking or mechanized machine. To achieve regular milk production the animal is either pregnant or recently pregnant. This is because pregnancy stimulates the animal to produce milk.

Sanitary provisions

It is important to keep milking equipment cleaned and sanitized. This is to prevent contamination of the milk or disease of the mammary gland. Sources of contamination are from the milking equipment, barn environment, and udder. Others are water supplies, human handler, air, bacteria in milk.

Sources of contamination

  1. Milking equipment
  2. Barn environment
  3. Udder
  4. Water supplies
  5. Human handler
  6. Air
  7. Bacteria

Types of animals used in milk production

A farmer has a large choice of animals used in milk production. Common animals for commercial production are sheep, goat, water buffalo, cattle, donkeys, horses and camel.

  • Sheep
  • Goat
  • Water buffalo
  • Cattle
  • Donkeys
  • Horses
  • Camel

Machine milking

Machine milking is the common practice in large scale production. The process involves the deployment of teat-cups attached to the animal’s teat. The cups are alternated using a vacuum process or air pressure. The resultant milk is filtered, cooled and stored. There are also semi-automated milking machines and robotic milking machines.

Hand milking

Hand milking is done by hand by pinching the top of the teat between finger and thumb. The milk is then squeezed with other fingers to extract milk from the teat hole. A pinch sliding motion downwards encourages the trapped milk to drain.

Milking machines and equipment

Home Milking Equipment

Home milking a couple of cows, goat or sheep is done with basic equipment. The equipment is generally for collection, storage, cleaning the teat. It is important to milk in clean environment with stainless steel equipment. Materials used in milking cow at home are glass jar, stainless steel strainer, reusable filter, liners or staining cloth. More are a large /small pail and udder balm.

Home milking equipment

  1. Glass jar
  2. Stainless steel strainer
  3. Reusable filter
  4. Liners
  5. Staining cloth
  6. Large pail
  7. Small pail
  8. Udder balm

Full List of Materials Used in Milking Cow

Materials used in milking cow are portable mini vacuum pump, bucket milker lid, hose reducer, powdered teat dip cup. Milking bucket lid nut, pulsator-4 port for surge belly milers. More include pulsator repair kit-surge, complete hand milers package.

The list includes super lite claw replacement parts, silicone inflations. We have the essential hand milkers package with screen, port plug-pulsator. There is the pulsator repair kit, hose clips, lid gasket for-surge belly milker, stainless steel shells, one cow bucket milker, stainless steel buckets, and lightweight stainless steel milk pail with lid. More are iodine teat dip, silicone hose, glitex hose, bucket lid gasket.

Machinery and Equipment for Dairy Farm

Milking materials

  • Portable mini vacuum pump
  • Bucket milker lid
  • Hose reducer
  • Powdered teat dip cup
  • Milking bucket lid nut
  • Pulsator-4 port for surge belly milers
  • Pulsator repair kit-surge
  • Complete hand milers package
  • Super lite claw replacement parts
  • Silicone inflations
  • Essential hand milking package with screen
  • Port plug-pulsator
  • Pulsator repair kit
  • Hose clips
  • Lid gasket for-surge belly milker
  • Stainless steel shells
  • One cow bucket milker
  • Stainless steel buckets
  • Lightweight stainless steel milk pail with lid
  • Iodine teat dip
  • Silicone hose
  • Bucket lid gasket

Machine milking equipment

Machine milking equipment are vacuum pump /motor, interceptor, regulator, vacuum tap, vacuum gauge air pipeline. Others are vacuum tube, pulsator, long pulse tube, teat cups, claw, long milk tube and bucket.

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