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Minorca Chicken Introduction

Other names for Minorca chicken is Catalan, Gallina de Menorca,
Spanish name Menorquina. The birds country of origin is Spain and it is distributed worldwide. Male Minorca measured 2.834 kg, UK Standard 3.20–3.60 kg and UK bantam 960 g. the female Minorca measured 2.210 kg, UK Standard: 2.70–3.60 kg, UK bantam: 850 g. The Hen produces white coloured eggs, comb type is single rose.

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Minorca chicken


The indigenous Menorcan bird was created by he British during the occupation of the island in 1708-1783. considered a variety of the Spanish bird they were imported from Minorca in 1780s. well established in south west England like Cornwall and Devon the prolific egg layers produces large white eggs 120 days in a year.


classification is APA Mediterranean, ABA single comb, clean legged
rose comb, clean legged, soft feather, light weight Chicken scientific name Gallus gallus domesticus.

Characteristics and Appearance

Minorca is a midsized chicken with greenish black feathers and weigh from 2.2kg to 2.8kg. The hens are the smaller while cocks top 2.5 kg. it has a smooth bright red comb, wattles and expressive face. The back is sloppy almost horizontal and has an erect stance, black legs or dark color with white skin. different color variants include black, white, rose-comb and blue plumage chickens.


Minorca is an alert curious bird with good temperament. They are perfect for free-range, density farming or as pets. The beautiful bird produce large white eggs however has a slightly docile temperament.


the chicken is kept for its meat, eggs and as an ornamental birds. they are ideal pets and best adapted to free-range farming. a prolific layer they start laying from 26 weeks and produce for 120 days of he year. the eggs are large white protein and cholesterol filled 65g eggs.

Meat production

This dual-purpose bird has a high meat to bone ratio. Minorca meat is dry and delicious.

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