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Mobile app business plan

Mobile app business plan: How to write business plan for mobile application

There are thousands of business ventures to choose from depending on interest, education and qualification.

Starting a Mobile app business is the same as any venture, it is important to have a business plan to make start-up easier. In order to produce, distribute and develop mobile applications the investor needs a mobile app business plan.

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Mobile app business plan

What is a Mobile application

Why do you need a Mobile app business plan

Starting any business ventures is challenging because of the different areas of production. You need to analyse, plan and implement to succeed.
A plan involves planning, employees, budget, therefore a business plan turns your ideas into actionable projects. You need to visualize, estimate costs,

How to write a business plan for mobile application

The question is what does a business plan mobile app look like? The plan looks at the profitability of the project, profitability, estimates, cost, labour, legal and development of the business.

Your mission is to have a reliable and profitable mobile application that is useful and scalable.

Executive summary

The first step in writing a mobile application business plan is the executive summary. Write a detailed executive summary for target market,goals. It summarizes the full report, goals of the business. Make the proposal unique to the company or business.

  1. detailed executive summary
  2. target market,goals
  3. summarizes the full report
  4. goals of the business
  5. make the proposal unique to the company


The goals cover business analysis, Investors and ultimate plan, exit plan, funding requirements.

  1. business analysis
  2. Investors
  3. ultimate plan
  4. exit plan
  5. unding requirements.

Business description

Business description covers introduction of the company and development of the app. This highlights to investors factors for success like ompany corporate value, mission and product.

  1. introduction of the company
  2. development of the app
  3. highlights to investors
  4. factors for success like ompany corporate value
  5. mission
  6. product.

Company overview

Company overview describes the business like company history, business structure, team. It covers statement of concept, mission, problems, location of company.

  1. company history
  2. business structure
  3. team
  4. statement of concept
  5. mission
  6. problems
  7. location of company Mission and vision statement

Vision statement focuses motivation or future of the enterprise, while the mission is about the project, investors or lenders.

History of company

Write the history of the company from inception, team formation, development of product.


State the team who developed the application, their profile, achievement and qualifications. Add each mbers name qualifications, company they have worked.

Market analysis and Market forecast

Add market analysis on app market, new development, customer base. A market analysis shows the viability of the project. The analysis should include top apps, popular apps, free apps.

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