Mobile Vet Clinic: How to Start Mobile Veterinary Clinic

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You need certification, permit and operational license to run a mobile veterinary clinic. Others are write a business plan, buy vehicle and purchase medical supplies. Mobile vets provide essential care for large animals including domestic pets like dogs and cats.

Animals they treat

Veterinarians treat any animal however majority are pets and farm animals. Common farm animals that need medical care are chickens, turkey, docks, horses and donkeys. Pets include dogs, cats, rabbits, rodents, snakes.

Pet Taxi Business

mobile vet
mobile vet

Do you have to be a vet?

There are two ways to run a mobile vet clinic. The operators should be a licensed veterinariank or has a responsive licensed partner/partnership.

Steps to Start Mobile Veterinary Clinic

  1. Get a veterinarian degree
  2. Form a plan
  3. Acquire operational license
  4. Buy a van
  5. Purchase medical equipment/supplies
  6. Register the business
  7. Get insurance
  8. Join an association
  9. Advertise the business
  10. Network with industry players

Learn the Trade

There is no long or short rule except bagging a degree as a veterinarian. Enroll in college of veterinary study or university.

Once you have acquired a degree you are now certified to treat wounded or sick animals. Some newly certified veterinarians also find mentors or work in vet clinics before setting out on their own.

Establish the Vet Clinic

A veterinarian can setup a stationary clinic or work from home. Some mobile clinics are stationary while others visit clients at their locations. A practitioner might choose to work independently or a group of professionals. They may decide to run a mobile clinic or offer outcalls. The clinic needs an operation bed, recovery cages and electricity. You need a dedicated phone, contact address, receptionist.


You need to name the business and create a logo. Hen define your service area and estimate fees and prices. Determine the type of services offered to clients. Will you provide full service or operate basic examination and treatment.

Equipment and Supplies

Basic vet related equipment are animal harness, syringes, different medication, mouth guards and bandages. Others are cotton wool, surgical knives, needles, drips, kernel, cages, x-ray and stethoscope.

Vet Clinic Equipment and Supplies

  • animal harness
  • syringes
  • different medication
  • mouth guards
  • surgical gloves
  • bandages
  • cotton wool
  • surgical knives
  • needles
  • drips
  • ultrasound machine
  • kernel
  • cages
  • x-ray
  • stethoscope

Mobile Veterinarian Equipment

Medical supplies should cover a contemporary vehicle, portable diagnosis equipment, onboard computer, mobile therapy.

  • contemporary vehicle
  • portable diagnosis equipment
  • onboard computer
  • mobile therapy


You need a midsized or large truck fitted with equipment. It should have a water pump, temperature control, medicine cabinet, operation table. A choice of vehicle are large trucks, Sport utility vehicle, bus, vans.

Pet Sitter Business

Form a Business

Select a name and register the business as a limited liability company. Apply for liability insurance and tax identification number. Join a veterinarian groups or association in your locality. You need vehicle license, vehicle insurance, driving license to operate a mobile clinic.

Legal documents for mobile vet clinic

  • limited liability company
  • liability insurance
  • tax identification number
  • Join an association
  • vehicle license
  • vehicle insurance
  • driving license
  • state advertisement permit


Make sure you have a permit and operational license. A vet should be certified by a recognized institution and form a contract agreement for your clients. If your vehicle has any form of advertisement you need state advertisement permit.


Place advertisement on the sides of the vehicle with name of clinic, address and telephone number. Visit farming communities in your locality and animal related gathering.

Use word of mouth, referrals, online advertisement, websites, and guest blogging. Other methods include printing of flyers, banners, posters, billboards.

  • Use word of mouth
  • Referrals
  • online advertisement
  • websites
  • guest blogging
  • printing of flyers
  • banners
  • posters
  • billboards

Costs and Staff

A mobile doctor only needs the help of a nurse. Staff requirements are receptionist, nurse, driver, vet technician, cleaners. Costs to setup a stationery vet clinic runs from $350,000 to $1m. while the costs to setup a mobile veterinarian vehicle will cost $150,000 to $250,000.

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