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Multilayer farming is aimed at maximizing profit while increasing income of farmers. It provides high density crop maximization on same field. The system is perfect for plantation crops or orchids farming with all-tear round possibilities.

A major advantage of multi-layer farming is low risk factor, higher yield, density farming and use of provides greater yield stability, utilizes environmental factors, high value vegetable culture.

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Advantages of multilayer farming

  1. Low risk factor
  2. Higher yield
  3. Density farming
  4. Increased use of technology
  5. Greater yield stability
  6. Utilizes environmental factors
  7. high value vegetable culture

Multilayer farming crops

Crop selection in multilayer farming should complement each other with little room for competition. Consideration in crop choice includes deep or short root, climbers, and larger trees.

According to research carried out by the Indian Institute of Farming Systems Research. Scientists successfully integrated farming system with cropping system. Cropping system in 24 states involved the successful planting of ginger, turmeric, banana, nutmeg. Others are cinnamon, coconut and pepper in a multilayer system.

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multilayer farming: ginger farming

Things to consider

Cash crops requirements include shade, root depth or height. Others are crop duration for cultivation, adequate sunlight, space, humidity. More considerations are type of foliage and tubers. Small hold initiatives using local technology is ideal for marginal farmers and different vegetable cultivation.

  • Shade
  • root depth
  • plant height
  • crop duration
  • time of cultivation
  • adequate sunlight
  • space maximization
  • humidity
  • type of foliage
  • introduction of tuber plants

Land choice

Land choice includes good water level, soil fertile good irrigation. Introduce storage tanks or borehole system, rotational crops.

Crops in multi-layer system

Vegetable integrated farming combination include spinach, garlic, coriander and turmeric. Other combination are ginger, turmeric, banana, nutmeg, cinnamon, coconut and pepper.

Popular crops

  • ginger
  • turmeric
  • banana
  • nutmeg
  • cinnamon
  • coconut
  • pepper


Farmers experiment with multilayer system to sow different vegetable crops, grow tubers, seeds. General technique involves planting short duration greens on top soil. Once they start germinating they sow another crop at depth 30cm with vertical space provide for tubers(potatoes).

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