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Why produce odourless maggots production

Odourless maggots are a good supplementary source of protein for catfish production. You can feed the fish odourless maggots for faster growth and to reduce cost of feed.

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What is a maggot ?

A maggot is the larvae of a fly. Common type of insects that produce larvae are mosquitoes, cheese flies, houseflies, crane flies, blowflies. The mosquito larvae or maggots feed on different types of food. They are found on animal carcasses, eat food waste, or feed on opossum carrion.

Because maggots are found on dead carcasses they are potential disease vectors and harmful to livestock and man, therefore great care is needed when producing your own, always use gloves and nose mask.

Uses of maggots

Uses of maggots include food for domestic fish production, bate for Anglers, used in forensic science, alternative medicine.


  1. food for domestic fish production
  2. bate for Anglers
  3. forensic science
  4. alternative medicine

Materials needed for odourless maggots production

There are a few materials you need for odourless maggots production. To produce odourless maggots the main ingredient is organic multivitamin and oil. Others are water, substrate like rice bran, a dust pan, sugar or molasses. You need groundnut oil, yeast and a rubber container.


List of Materials needed for odourless maggots production

  1. organic multivitamin
  2. oil
  3. water
  4. substrate like rice bran
  5. dust pan
  6. sugar or molasses
  7. groundnut oil
  8. baking yeast
  9. rubber container

Instructions on how to produce odourless maggots

Step 1.

The first step is to choose a rubber container. The size of container will determine the number of maggots you want to produce.

Step 2

The type of substrate you choose produces either smelly or odourless maggots. Luckily you have a large choice of substrate to produce odourless maggots. Type of substrate include cassava shaft, PKC, wheat offal, rice bran, or maize

Non-smelly substrate

  1. cassava shaft
  2. PKC
  3. wheat offal
  4. rice bran
  5. maize

Step 3

Mix quality of water, groundnut oil, molasses/sugar and organic multivitamin. Cover then place in cool dry place for 24 hours.

Step 4

After 24 hours mix your substrate of choice with the premix. This is done in your plastic container, then place the mixture in an isolated area.

Preferred area will be under a partly shaded area like under a tree. This is to prevent direct sunlight from penetrating you mix. Make sure the mix remains moist by wetting, however it should not get waterlogged.

Step 5

Make sure the mix remain moist by sprinkling organic multivitamin and water daily. After 72 house you will notice lots of fly’s, the moist substrate mix will encourage them to lay eggs. They will not lay eggs on dry substrate rather they will only eat the mixture.

Step 6

After 5 days you will notice white clutches of material in the substrate, these are the eggs. Once you notice cover the top of the plastic container with mosquito net. This will prevent exit or entry, while you still sprinkle water and organic multivitamin to keep moist.

Step 7

Finally to harvest the odourless maggots prepare another container and add warm water and salt. Use a dust pan to scoop the maggots under the substrate and place them in the warm water and salt solution. Finally rinse them in warm clean water, use a sieve to scoop then feed your fish.

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