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The biggest challenge a fish farmer faces especially in African is selling his produce. Selling table sized catfish to potential customers isn’t easy unless you have established a clientele over the years.

To sell you stock you need to sample different marketing strategies to get maximum gain. The most common way fish farmers sell their fish is to market women. The market women make over a hundred percent of what they spent and are ready to cheat the farmer are every turn.

The most logical business format a catfish farmer can use is opening a business outlet.

selling catfishReasons why you should open a business outlet

If you have the finance to open a business outlet that services your produce then you will make huge profit. A business outlet guarantees maximum gain for your produce.

Other reasons are nearness to the market and price determination of your stock. Having an outlet helps you sell your stock faster and cuts out the middleman.

An additional advantage of opening an outlet is the development of a brand new business venture.

Types of outlets you can open

Starting a restaurant is a good idea because you can fashion different delicacies using catfish as the center piece.  Restaurants are big business and it affords you a new venue and profitable outlet for your produce.

Open a bar

Bars are very popular in Nigeria and they service a host of native delicacies including steamed catfish, smoked catfish and catfish pepper soup.

Many bar push their catfish menu to customers because of the huge gain they make selling the fish. For example if 1kg of the fish was bought at N500 naira they can sell the same fish for N2000 naira.

Open a fast food joint

Fast food is in vogue and attracts both young and old patrons. You need to leverage on this market to make huge gains selling your processed fish.

Barbecues are in high demand especially fresh fish and catfish barbecue. You can make huge profit opening a barbecue business while selling your fish for profit.

achieve better growth for catfish

Open a sales outlet

Sales outlets that sell live catfish make double what the fish farmer makes after growing his fish for six months. The best way to sell your fish with minimum costs is to open a market sales outlet.

The fish farmer can go further by grilling or smoking the fish for sale. Any of the above format works and you only need to find the one you are most comfortable doing.

Rent a space

There are a few places where organic fruits and vegetables are sold by local farmers. A fish farmer can rent space at such places to sell his produce directly to customer.

The drawback is that such gathering hardly last two weeks, so use the trading opportunity wisely.

Types of outlets for you fish produce

1                     Open a Bar

2                     Start a barbecue Business

3                     Open a restaurant

4                     Sell in the open market

5                     Rent a space

6                     Go to trade gatherings

7                     Leverage on fast food outlets

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