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What is Pastured Pork?

Pastured pork are pig that are raised in a natural environment, they are allowed to roam freely with very few restrictions on diet like roots, shrubs, insects. Highly organic the pork attracts premium price and require low medical intervention.

However he farmer needs to secure them with a specific area to avoid wandering and predation. They are also provided adequate shelter from the elements.

Pig Guide Information

basque pig
basque pig

Best Pasturing Pig Breed

Choice of pasturing pig should be one with good food conversion rate. Make sure the animal of choice is hardy, eat verity of food, have good flavor, nice temperament and attract good price. Pasturing pig breed to consider are red wattle, Chester White, kunekune.

Others include Hampshire, mangalista, Berkshire. Tamworth. Chester white are easy to cross breed and produce huge litter while Hampshire produce lean meat are hardy, perfect for cross breeding convert pasture feed and produce twice a year.

The Red Wattle is a large breed common to Texas have good temperament, produce lean meat. KuneKune breed origin is traced to New Zealand are excellent foragers, docile temperament, produce quality lean meat, easy to handle.

More interesting breeds are the Mangalista with its unusual features curly thick coat, delicious meat and the English Berkshire perfect bacon dark meat. Tamworth pig is an American pig with golden red color skin good foraging skill.


  1. Red wattle
  2. Chester White
  3. kunekune.
  4. Hampshire
  5. Mangalista
  6. English Berkshire
  7. Tamworth
  8. Some Local Breeds

Where to Buy Stock

Most pasturing stock are sold by medium to small farmers with a history of organic farming. Buy them at farmers markets, public auctions, and local breeders.


It is important to rotate the pasture pig for good results. This allows the area to rejuvenate and produce better pasture for the animal. It is essential to have good pasture plants, roots and trees in designated areas. A common technique is to segment the area into four separate areas for rotation purposes.


A very important aspect for pasturing pig is good fencing. The fencing will keep them in a designated area and protect from predators like foxes, wild dogs or animals. Good fencing will keep them from roaming. Different types of fencing to consider are very low voltage electric fencing, lumber fence, hog panels.

Types of Shelter

  • block structure
  • brick
  • hut
  • small barn
  • shed
  • hot


Make sure to build a shelter for the hog to rest at night or during hot or cold weather. Make sure the shelter is easily accessible to the animal at will. Provide heavy straw, bedding or padding for comfort. Types of shelters are block structure, brick, hut, small barn, shed or hot.

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