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Peafowl farming is lucrative, specialized and the birds are highly decorative, however some are produce for meat and eggs. Peahens and peacocks are members of the pheasant family and the bird has one of the most elaborate plumage. Although this type of farming isn’t common peafowl is regarded as poultry. Poultry includes birds like quail, chicken, turkey, duck, pigeon and ostrich. Economic important includes production of meat, eggs and feathers. Feathers of the bird is beautiful and in high demand it attracts premium price as decorative birds or meat.

Peafowl Farming

Species of peafowl

Behavior and temperament differ based on breed of peafowl. Domestically raised species like Indian blue have amiable mild temperament. Behavioral habits include wading in dust or dust baths and elaborate display during mating season. There are three main species with different hybrids of the bird. Common species are Spalding, Green Peafowl, Pied, White, Purple, Cameo and Oaten Peafowl. Others include Opal, Charcoal, Bufford Bronze, Blue Indian and Black Shoulder.


  • Spalding
  • Green Peafowl
  • Pied
  • White
  • Purple
  • Cameo
  • Oaten Peafowl
  • Opal
  • Charcoal
  • Bufford Bronze
  • Blue Indian
  • Black Shoulder

Uses of peacock feathers

An adult peafowl will produce 150 -200 feathers annually. Peacock feathers are used to make feather fans, costumes, elaborate masks, colorful jewelry. Other applications are art deco. Full necklace, pendants, earrings, popular culture you have peacock motif, paintings, illustrations, sculpture. Native peafowls have significance in Indian culture and religion. The Buddhist deity seats on a peacock while Indian peacock is mount of the god of war Lord Kartikeya in Hinduism.

  • feather fans
  • costumes
  • elaborate masks
  • colorful jewelry
  • art deco
  • full necklace
  • pendants
  • earrings
  • headdresses
indian blue
indian blue


In medieval times the fowl was regarded as food for kings. Consumed by elites, royalty or super rich eating the bird was usually a festive occasion.


They are omnivores and diet consists of amphibians, reptiles, insects, arthropods and fruits. Feed them commercial grade poultry feed or wild figs, animal matter, grains or nuts. They eat small snakes, mice, variety of insects, termites, grasshoppers. Provide shelter to rest in mid-day and adequate clean drinking water. The birds diets includes different types of fruits like berries, tomatoes, bananas, paddy, groundnut and chilly.

Peafowl Food

  • commercial grade poultry feed
  •  wild figs
  • animal matter
  • grains
  • nuts
  • small snakes
  • mice
  • termites
  • grasshoppers
  • berries
  • tomatoes
  • bananas
  • paddy
  • groundnut
  • worms


Peafowls are ground nesting terrestrial forest birds. However domestic ones are reared in pen or free-range system. Predators interested in eating the birds are wild dogs, foxes raccoons, large snakes.

Peafowl Farming Housing

Provide adequate spacing of about 1000 square feet for 10 birds. Build a 8 feet shed or shelter for the birds provide straw, light, hanging dishes and elevate the water to prevent contamination from fecal deposits. Make sure the shed is ventilated, secure from escape via flying and provide roosting places for them.

Peafowl Farming
peafowl chick


Pair a male peafowl with about 6 peahens for best results. Mating starts with an elaborate dance by the male to attract the attention of the female. The more elaborate the dance and display the better attracted is the female. Vocalization in courtship is a primary way to attract female. Once the peahen lays the eggs it takes 28-30 days for eggs to hatch. They reach sexual maturity in 3 years have longevity 30 years and peahen lays about 5 eggs in breeding season.


Peafowl are generally raised as decorative birds worldwide. Its colorful feathers are used in different furniture applications both for daily use or art. Other economic value are sales of adult birds, young, eggs or just the feathers. Sell them to amusement parks, recreational centers, zoos, holiday resorts, game reserves, private homes.

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