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Pet photography is moderately challenging and interesting. Before starting the business study the competition, prices and local government laws. You need passion, good technical knowledge, good marketing strategy and location.
Offer customer onsite or mobile services to increase income. Add photography items, portraits, outside shots to your services. Write a business plan, build a website, and make a portfolio.
Personal trait
The person should love photography, animals and maintain a flexible schedule. Understand animal behavior, be patient, good organizational skill, moderate accounting knowledge.
• Love photography
• Love animals
• Have a flexible schedule
• Be patient
• Good organizational skill
• Accounting knowledge
Customer Base
Your customer base are pet owners, animal shelters, veterinarian, and dog breeders. Visit animal shows, pet fairs, animal theme parks, pet shops. Other potential customers are pet spas, dog groomers, pet walkers, doggy daycare centers. pet bird breeding
• Pet owners
• Animal shelters
• Veterinarian
• Dog breeders
• Animal shows
• Pet fairs
• Animal theme parks
• Pet shops
• Dog groomers
• Doggy daycare
• Pet walkers
• Pet spas
Steps to Start Pet Photography
First step is to develop photography skills, learn the trade. Join a vocational institution, trade workshop or formal training. Write a business plan and carry out a feasibility study. Other requirements are purchase of quality equipment creating a work space.
You need to decide on charges, type of operational license or certification. Open a business account, build a studio, and hire staff. To attract patronage you need to develop a good marketing strategy.

  1. Develop photography skills
  2. Learn the trade
  3. Join a vocational institution
  4. Write a business plan
  5. Carry out a feasibility study
  6. purchase of quality equipment
  7. Create a work space
  8. Decide on charges
  9. Get license or certification
  10. Open a business account
  11. Hire staff
  12. Develop a marketing strategy.
    Learn the Trade
    Attend trade workshops, vocational training, and seminars. Get higher education in photography, try online courses. You can understudy a professional in the field or become an apprentice or find a mentor. Study animal behavior, spontaneity, photography techniques. dog breeding startup
    Technical Skill
    Technical skills to acquire are setting up background, photography angles, lighting. Study animal behavior, animal posture, editing and production of high quality images. Learn how to compile a portfolio, organize your studio, accounting practices and appropriate pricing.
    How to Learn Pet Photography
    • Attend trade workshops
    • Vocational training
    • Seminars
    • Higher education
    • Online courses
    • Understudy a professional
    • Become an apprentice
    • Find a mentor
    • Study animal behavior
    • Learn photography techniques
    The demography will determine if a photography license is required. However you need local government permit and professional certification. Register the business as a sole proprietorship or limited liability company. It is important to have a business license, sales tax permit and business insurance.
    Permits or Licensing
    • Photography license
    • Local government permit
    • Professional certificate
    • Business license
    • Sales tax permit
    • Business insurance
    Pet Photography Services
    An operator needs to determine the type of services offered. Offer branding services, outdoors pictures, and portrait style photography.
    Portrait style pictures is very popular while branding is used on products like T-shirts, Bags or Cups. Make sure the services offered is commensurate with your level of expertise. dog grooming business
    • Monogram Print
    • Branding services
    • Outdoors pictures
    • Portrait style photography.
    • Portrait style pictures
    Advertising channels to consider are traditional platforms, online advertisement. Use Google Adwords, Facebook ads, blog post, and websites. Others are online /offline directories, Google business listing.
    Traditional advertisement are print of flyers, business cards, posters, banners, billboards. Use word of mouth, discounts, promotional packages, group photographs. Network with veterinarians, pet shops, breeders, charity organization. A huge part of the business will leverage on referrals.
    Don’t forget to donate to charity, attend pet related events. Build a social media presence on sites like Facebook, Google+, twitter, Instagram.
    Pet Photography Marketing Strategy
    • Google Adwords
    • Facebook ads
    • Blog post
    • Websites
    • Online /offline directories
    • Google business listing
    • Print of flyers
    • Business cards
    • Posters
    • Banners
    • Billboards
    • Use word of mouth
    • Offer discounts
    • Use promotional package deals
    • Organize group photograph
    • Network
    • Leverage on referrals
    • Donate to charity
    Offer customers different price packages for varied products. Common income generating sources are high quality prints or digital imagery. Price per session offer photography packages or brand name/expertise. Fees run from $300 to $1000 based on serves rendered.
    Pet Photography Business Plan
    write a pet photography business plan, carry out a feasibility study. Equipment
    Invest in quality inventory to offer the best services. Common equipment are pet toys, tape recorder, props, and different backdrops. Others are digital camera, lenses, lightening.
    • Different backdrops
    • Tripod
    • Lighting
    • Photography editing Software
    • Photograph Printer
    • Different Lens
    • Pet toys
    • Props
    • High-quality digital camera
    • Tape recorder
    • Other inventory
    Hire Staff
    The business is generally a one man enterprise. Hire staff to meet an increase in demand. Staff to consider are marketers, sales clerk, apprentice photographers, drivers.
    Secure funding through personal savings, loans from friends and family. Approach microfinance or commercial banks for long term loans. Other fund sources are venture capitalists, angel investors or online loans.

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