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Pet taxi provides a valuable service for pet owners. They carry animals to their groomers, kernels or veterinarians. The business requires moderate startup and is slightly challenging. You need an operational vehicle lots of marketing to succeed.

Pet Transport Companies in America

There are many pet transport companies in America. Popular ones are Airpets America, Global Animal Transport, Happy Tails Travel incorporated. Others are Roya Paws Pet Relocation Transportation, TLC Pet Transport Inc., Starwood Animal Transport.

  • AirPets America
  • Global Animal Transport
  • Happy Tails Travel incorporated
  • Royal Paws Pet Relocation Transportation
  • TLC Pet Transport Inc.
  • Starwood Animal Transport
pet taxi
pet taxi

Customer Base

The customer base are the elderly, busy professionals and people without mode of transportation. Transport service is need to visit the veterinarian, kernel, groomer or airport.

Pet Taxi Service Locations

Pet taxi service locations are veterinarian clinics, dog grooming facilities, boarding kernels, doggy daycare and airport.

  • veterinarian clinics
  • dog grooming facilities
  • boarding kernels
  • doggy daycare
  • airport

Things to Consider

  1. write a business plan
  2. price your service
  3. Lease an office space
  4. form a business
  5. secure license
  6. get insurance
  7. purchase appropriate software
  8. define service area
  9. purchase a vehicle
  10. Create a contract
  11. Manage appointments
  12. advertise

Write a Plan

Write a business plan on pet transportation and services. Then study competitors in your area of operation. Study possible threats, challenges, hire a lawyer.

Choose a catchy name for the business don’t forget insurance policy. You can start from scratch, buy into an existing business or leverage on franchising.

Home or Office

The business is practicable from home and does not require an operational license. However consider getting liability insurance. If you what to lease an office select one close to residential areas.

An ideal location is close to large number of pet owners with demand for transportation. The office location should have good road network, good parking.

Purchase the Vehicle

You need a vehicle that accommodates large and small animals. The vehicles should have adequate space and good shock absorbers. Ideal vehicles are sports utility vehicles, utility vans, bus or minivan.

Make sure the vehicle has foldable seats, weather control and fitted with pet carriers. To reduce startup refrain from buying a new vehicle instead buy a used bus or van. A used vehicle costs from $10,000 to $20,000. Other equipment are pet cages, mufflers, seat covers, leashes.

Types of Vehicles

  • sports utility vehicles
  • utility vans
  • bus
  • minivan

Pet Taxi Equipment

  • used vehicle
  • pet cages
  • mufflers
  • seat covers
  • leashes


The charges depends on the distance and service rendered. Set the prices based on miles travelled, drop, drop and wait, one way or round trip. Some service providers charge $3 – $4 per mile and 25 cents on cancellations. Others charge a flat hourly rate regardless of the distance. Cost considerations are vehicle servicing, fuel, leasehold, utilities, and advertisement fees.

Pet Taxi Services

Pet taxi services are round trip, drop or drop and wait. Others are one way trip, pet sitting, and pet collection.

  • round trip
  • drop
  • drop and wait
  • one way trip
  • pet sitting
  • pet collection

Booking Software

Taxi service providers should be time conscious and dependable. To track clients booking you need a good software that will do the job.

There are also free/paid online resources for booking and accounting. A good booking software is power pet sitter for billing and tracking. Manage appointment, create schedule and form a spreadsheet.

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This business does not require a state or federal license to start. You can decide to register the business as a limited liability company or sole proprietor. Apply for liability insurance, tax identification number.

Make sure you have a driving license, complete vehicle particulars, vehicle insurance. Any form of advertisement on the vehicle requires state or local government fees. Find out from a legal practitioner the state regulation, permits and licensing in your locality.

Legal documents

Common legal documents are company bylaws, privacy policy, and operation agreement. Others are driving license, commercial vehicle operation registration, tax identification number, business license and certificate of incorporation.


You need money to buy a vehicle, rent office space, pay for insurance and advertise. Raise money through personal savings, partnership, friends and family. Apply for a bank loan or secure funds from angel investor or crowd funding.


The type of insurance to consider are pet insurance, liability insurance. Others are business owner policy group insurance, transit insurance, and health insurance. More include vehicle insurance, comprehensive motor vehicle insurance.

  • pet insurance
  • liability insurance
  • business owner policy group insurance
  • transit insurance
  • health insurance
  • vehicle insurance
  • comprehensive motor vehicle insurance

Service Area

You need to define your service area for effective operation. Operators in large metropolis have more clients than rural areas.

Payment Method

There are many payment methods to use for the business. You could collect cash, use POS machines, direct deposit or payment app. Other solutions are PayPal, bank transfer or card payment.

  • collect cash
  • POS machines
  • direct deposit
  • payment app
  • PayPal
  • bank transfer
  • card payment


You need an effective marketing strategy to reach clients. Start with social media channels like Facebook, twitter and Instagram. Print flyers, banners, business cards, billboard. Use word of mouth, referrals, discounts and local pet based events.

  • social media channels
  • Print flyers
  • Banners
  • business cards
  • billboard
  • word of mouth
  • referrals
  • discounts
  • local events

Build a Website

Build a website or blog for the business. Add your services, location contact address and phone number. Use Adwords to drive traffic to the website or blog.

Draft a Contract

Draft a simple contract to cover services and fees. Include parameters like drop off times, pickup points, costs and destination. List pets history, medical history, name breed add owners information.

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