Planting, Growing and Care for Salvia


Salvia has a verity of flower colors from red, pink, purple. Others are yellow, White, green and blue. The beautiful garden plant attracts butterflies and grow in any soil type.
Salvia requires full sun, slightly acidic to neutral soil. The hardiness zones is 4, 5,7,8,9 and plant blooms in summer or fall.
Other features include nice fragrance, vibrant colors, different bloom shapes adaptable to dry, hot conditions. They are good ornamental plant of the mint family with velvety leaves.

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Pests and Diseases
Common pests and diseases are powdery mildew, spider mites. Others are aphids Botrytis blight and root rot.
• Powdery mildew
• Spider mites
• Aphids
• Botrytis blight
• Root rot
Popular varieties are Pineapple Sage, Texas Sage. Scarlet Sage, Autumn Sage. More include Hybrid Sage, Peruvian Sage, Azure Sage and Bedding Sage.
• Pineapple Sage
• Texas Sage
• Scarlet Sage
• Autumn Sage
• Hybrid Sage
• Peruvian Sage
• Azure Sage
• Bedding Sage
The spring plant requires full sun, partial shade and well-drained loose soil. Dig hole to fully accommodate the growth container and mulch.
Remove from container and place in soil till root ball is near soil surface. Space 2 to 3 feet apart, fill-in soil and tap to completely cover root ball. Firm the soil to support the plant and water immediately.
To control weed growth and retain soil moisture add layer of mulch. Water regularly to keep soil moist, remove faded blooms. Remove old stem in early spring and divide perennial plant every 2 to 3 years.