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Poultry Farm Business Plan in Nigeria

Why is a poultry farm business plan important?

A poultry farm business plan is a tool to help an entrepreneur focus on specific steps to achieve long or short term business objectives.

Table of content for poultry farming business plan in Nigeria.

A table of content for the plan starts with the overview of the business then the market, target market and competition.


Poultry farming is a segment of livestock farming that involves the production of poultry birds for egg or meat production. Common birds used for poultry production are chicken, turkey, pigeon and duck. With chicken and turkey the most popular form of poultry farming on Nigeria.

The Market

The market for poultry meat and eggs is expected to rise regardless of purchasing power because the meat or eggs are in constant demand with demand more than supply. Other factors for huge demand is population growth, need for cheap source of protein.


Competition is with the different poultry farms in your immediate locality, this includes large, medium and smallhold farms.

Advantages of poultry farming

There are many advantages of poultry farming, they include production of meat and eggs, chicken meat is cheaper than beef, start-up capital is lower than ranching cattle.

Other advantages are good return on investment, low water usage, the nitrogen rich bird droppings is good organic fertilizer for farmers.

Business Opportunity


In Nigeria domestic production of poultry egg and meat
account for 39% local production while 61% is imported into the country.

Demand is at its highest therefore an investor can capitalize on the shortfall to start a chicken farming business.

There are two major sectors of poultry farming, meat or egg production, the investor can choose to rear table size chicken or produce chicken eggs.

Poultry Farm Business Plan for Agricfarmimg

  1. Introduction
  2. Preliminary Work
  3. Scope of work
  4. Objectives
  5. Keys to success
  6. Our mission statement
  7. Company summary
  8. Products
  9. Management team
  10. Market demand
  11. Market segmentation
  12. Startup summary
  13. Startup expenses
  14. Startup assets
  15. Poultry expertise
  16. Materials acquisition
  17. Marketing & Distribution
  18. Preparation/disinfectant shed
  19. Feeding
  20. Vaccination/medication
  21. Litter management
  22. Brooding/rearing
  23. Light management
  24. Observation
  25. Plan of work
  26. Business risks
  27. Strategy
  28. Financial plan

Poultry farming business plan


In consideration the company Agricfarmimg has decided to capitalize on the business opportunity by establishing a
poultry farm.

The farm will produce both table sized chicken and egg production. The table size chicken will be broilerd while the egg production will be layers.

Preliminary Work

Preliminary work will include purchase of 1000 Chicken for rearing to table size and 2400 layers for egg production. The farm site is Abuja based on the feasibility study of the area.

Preliminary Work

Amount of land area needed for the farm is 10,000 sqft. We will also invest in pellet storage room and expect a lease of 5 years with an estimated investment of N5 m.

The money will be sourced through partnership arrangement and bank loans

Scope of work

Scope of work include buying the broilerd and layer hens for meat and egg production. The we buy or build quality battery units for the chikens.

We expect to achieve 50% gross within 6 months and loan repayment in 3 yrs.


Our main focus and objectives is to be the best hygienic farm in Abuja. We expect to produce quality chikens and eggs for the local market.

We intend to start making profit after 8 weeks, 50% gross margin with quality products. This achievement will be facilitated through intensive marketing for 1 year.

Keys to success

Our key to success include purchase of good stock, use of quality cage framework. We will achieve fast chicken growth with quality eggs through quality feed and provision of good nutrition.

We will house optimum number of chicken based on the size of the facility, then leverage on excellent marketing chain and good facility management.

Our Mission

Our mission is to produce quality chikens and to become the first Joi e of customers.

Company Summary

The company is a Limited Liability Company registered with the corporate affairs commission of Nigeria. Registe6 as a farm who specialize in chicken meat and chicken egg production. The ownership structure is LLC.


Production includes mature broiler chicken for meat market and layer chickens for egg production. Types of cage is 9 x 3 units of battery cage

Management team

The management team is a li.ited liability structure. While the affairs of the co.pany is run by an advisory board of professionals.

Market Demand

Average per Capita consumption
Meat/eggs 9kg and 12 pieces
Production broiler chicken 2,500
Egg production unit.

Market Segmentation

Market segmentation will focus on highend market and use quality slaughter house for the domestic product.

Startup Summary

  1. Startup expenses
  2. Startup assets
  3. Site selection
  4. Poultry expertise
  5. Materials acquisition
  6. Marketing & distribution
  7. Preparation/disinfectant shed
  8. Feeding
  9. Vaccination/medication
  10. Liter management
  11. Brooding/rearing
  12. Lighting management

Start-up expenses

Start-up expenses include purchase of broilers and layers. Other expenses is leashold, insurance, purchase of veterinary care, and battery cage.

Startup assets

Startup assets include battery cage, pelleted feed storage unit, transportation, farm land.

Poultry expertise

In the board of advisory we will have poultry professionals with at least 10 years experience in poultry farming. Other members of staff are farm hands, accountant, marketing and sales department.

Materials acquisition

Materials acquisition are the tools needed for successful farming of chicken for meat or egg production.

Marketing and distribution

Marketing and distribution will focus on immediate domestic market and highend consumers.

Preparation/disinfectant shed

One of the most important aspect of production is preparation and disinfectant. The shed and cages are disinfected to prevent outbreak of diseases in the farm.


Feeding the chikens will acount for 40% of the total production. Both type of livestock require daily feeding to produce eggs or achieve fast growth. The broilerd will be fed growers feed while the layers are fed layers feed.


There are many stages of vaccination for poultry birds. Therefore we will hire an experienced vet to administer 5her medication at the appropriate times.

Litter management

Litter management is a critical aspect of our company is rated the best hygienic farm in Abuja. Poultry farming produces huge amount of waste therefore good litter management is necessary.


Brooding and rearing is a critical period in the development of the chikens. For layers we can skip this by buying point of lay chicken.

Light management

Light management is a very important aspect of the business. Broiler chickens feed constantly and require adequate light to encourage fast growth. Other light management is while rearing broiler chicks and the layer cage system.

During the production process the growth development of the chikens will be closely monitored. We will measure the Initial weight, weekly weight, weekly feed consumption and average daily gain.

Plan of work

Our plan of work will cover month work schedule, and expected work outcome.

Business Risks

To Reduce the business Risks like sudden death of stock from infection or disease, we will maintain good farm hygiene, quality feed and comprehensive vet care.

An accountant will keep a close grip on our financials, legislative osts and legal obligation.


Our strategy included consumer response maintain strategic alliance,
branding, sustainability, appreciate
budget and feeding.

Financial Plan

Our financial plan include judicious use of startup funds, successful management of the facility and achievement of 50% gross margin

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