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Price of 1 Box of Mineral Water in Nigeria

How much is a box of mineral water?

Price of 1 box of mineral water in Nigeria varies depending on the brand name, number in a pack and centiliters. The price of 1 bottled water ranges from N500 to N 700, however a 75cl x pack of 12 sells at N1,500 to N3,000.

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What is mineral water

Mineral water is bottled natural spring water that offer a refreshing natural taste, the hydrating drink has good quality, refreshing taste and perfect for drinking directly from bottle or a glass cup.

It is made from natural spring water and has balanced mineral composition and naturally occurring electrolytes. Enjoy the drink cold or at room temperature. It’s perfect for parties, gym workout or home use.

What is the cost of 20 litres mineral water in Nigeria?
November 10 2021.

20 litres of mineral water costs from N10,000 to N14,000 NGN

Bottle Water Brand name

Bottle water business is highly competitive with many huge brands in the industry. Popular brand names in Nigeria are Viju, Coca Cola, CWAY, Nestle, Pure Life, Coscharis, Evian.

Popular bottle water brands

  1. Viju
  2. Coca Cola,
  3. CWAY
  4. Nestle
  5. Pure Life
  6. Evian
  7. Coscharis

List of beverage water in Nigeria

There is a huge choice of beverage drinking water in Nigeria. This is because the entire population rely on treated clean water.

List of packaged drinking water are Sachet water, Water dispenser water (18.9L), Table water (0.5L), Table water (0.75L), Table water (1.5L). Sachet water is the most popular type of water in the market, this is because of the cheap price.

Bottle water products in Nigeria

  1. Sachet water
  2. Water dispenser (18.9L)
  3. Table water (0.5L)
  4. Table water (0.75L)
  5. Table water (1.5L)

Sachet water

Sachet water is the most popular type of water in the market. This is because of the cheap price. The water comes in 50cl nylon packs in 20 pieces in 1 pack and costs N10 for 1 and N200 for pack.

Price of 1 Box of Mineral Water in Nigeria
Water dispenser

Water dispenser bottle

Some people have water dispensers at their homes or offices. Therefore manufacturers have a special refill bottle for the dispenser. A bottle of CWAY water dispenser costs N2,700.

Price of 1 Box of Mineral Water in Nigeria

Viju Premium Bottle Water – 75cl x Pack Of 12
Brand: Viju

Coca Cola Water – 75cl X 12…

CWAY Table Water – 75cl X 1…

Nestle – Pure Life Purified Bottled water is a16.91 fluid oz.bottle with
24 Bottles/Carton. It has78 Cartons/Pallet and the Bottle has 30% less plastic. Enhanced with a unique blend of minerals for great taste drink, you will appreciate the Ergonomic bottles flexible hold design.

Nestle – Pure Life Purified Bottled Water, 12 Liter 16.9 Oz – 78 Case Pallet

Distilled Bottled Water 1.5cl X 12 Pieces

Pure Life Water 60cl X20

Water dispenser bottle
Cway Water

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