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Price of a bag of Garri in Nigeria Today (2022)

Garri is an end product of processed cassava via grating, peeling and fermentation. The starchy derivative is either white or yellow. The Yellow garri is achieved through the introduction of palm oil in the frying process.

In Nigeria the gluten free food is easy to make into eba, all that is needed is hot water then the garri is added and stirred. White garri is also drank as a beverage by adding cold water, sugar or salt.

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What is garri

Garri is a West African granular flour obtained from freshly harvested starchy tuber roots. Mostly produced from cassava, substitutes are found in processed millet, plantain, rice, yam or maize.
Cassava root from which garri is produced has good nutritional value like magnesium, copper and fiber.

Top consumers of garri

Garri is a West African dish popular in many countries. Top consumers are Nigeria, Togo, Ghana, Liberia. Others are Cameroon, Guinea, Benin Republic.

  1. Nigeria
  2. Togo
  3. Ghana
  4. .Liberia
  5. Cameroon
  6. Guinea
  7. .Benin Republic

How garri is made

To produce garri, cassava is harvested then the tuber is washed, peeled and grated. The mash is then mixed with palm oil for the yellow garri variant. The grated mash is placed in porous bag and pressed using an adjustable press machinery. This is done for 3 hours to squeeze excess water then sieved and dried in large clay pot.

Price of garri

Garri is regarded as one of the cheapest meals in Nigeria today, so it is popular in low and medium income homes.

Price of a bag of Garri in Nigeria Today

Garri ijebu premium (50kg)
₦27,000.00 per 50 kg

Garri – Dry, Crunchy And White Cassava Grits 2kg

Garri Dry, Crunchy And White Cassava Grits – 2kg

Adesh Farm Premium Garri Ijebu (10kg)
₦ 8,075
₦ 10,900

1kg Crispy And Crunchy Garri Ijebu
₦ 903
₦ 950

How to start garri wholesale businesses

Garri wholesale is profitable because the food is in high demand. To start garri wholesale you need to buy the product in bulk from suppliers. You need startup funds, warehouse or shop, transportation.

To sell the product network with retailers, restaurants, hotels, school kitchens.

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