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Price of Bag of Rice in Nigeria Today

Rice is a regular meal for Nigerian’s in their diet. It is eaten as white rice, jollof, fried rice, and other local delicacies. Most households in Nigeria eat rice thrice a week and it’s a regular at social events and occasions.

With the current volatility in prices it is important to keep abreast of changing prices. Therefore it is important to know current price of bag of rice in Nigeria Today, this will help you make informed choices.

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Prices Of Bag Of Rice In Nigeria November 2021

50kg of parboiled rice sells for N30,000 NGN, 4 litres paint bucket of rice is N3,200.

Types of rice in Nigeria and their prices

There are hundreds species of rice eaten worldwide, however Nigeria favours 5 type of rice. Top rice eaten in Nigeria are ofada rice, white rice, short grain rice, lake rice, Mama gold.

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Rice brands in Nigeria

We will focus on some popular brands of rice in Nigeria. Different types of rice eaten in Nigeria are Falcon rice, Elephant Gold Thai, Basmati rice. Others are Ofada rice, Mama Gold, Lake rice, Anambra rice, Big bull, Brown rice.

Rice Brands

  1. Falcon rice
  2. Elephant Gold Thai
  3. Basmati rice
  4. Ofada rice
  5. Mama Gold
  6. Lake rice
  7. Anambra rice
  8. Big bull
  9. Brown rice

Elephant pride brand

There are two types of elephant pride rice in the market. We have Thailand produced Elephant Gold Thai Super Deluxe Sortexed and Elephant Pride Sortexed Quality Rice.

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Elephant Sortexed rice price

Elephant 50KG Sortexed Quality Rice- (Proudly Nigerian)
₦ 36,000

Falcon rice

Falcon rice brand is popular with people in the diaspora. It is a long grain white rice.

Falcon rice price

50 kg full bag nutritious and rich rice for sale at Lagos .50kg Rich Falcon Rice
9,800 NGN

Basmati Rice

Basmati rice is loved by weight watchers and vegans. This is because of its low sugar content and moderate price.

Basmati rice price

Maharani Indian Basmati Rice Suitable For Diabetics – 5kg
₦ 8,000

Royal Premium Basmati Rice – 9.07kg.
₦ 19,500
₦ 25,000

Ofada rice

Ofada rice is a local delicacy in Lagos and Ogun state. Locally produced it is eaten at wedding or celebrations.

Price of Ofada rice

₦ 1,890

Garden of Nu’eden foods Nu’eden Ofada Rice 1KG
₦ 1,800 2kg ₦ 3,800

₦ 1,900

Anambra Rice

Anambra Rice is locally produced in Anambra state. This was the brainchild of the state government rice production entrepreneurship drive.

anambra rice available for sale
N16,500 NGN

Lake Rice

Lake Rice is a popular rice because of its readily cheap price. Produced locally it is highly nutritious and competes with foreign brands. Lake Rice is collaboration between Lagos state and Kebbi state.

Lake Rice price

Lake Rice is not currently in the market, however the last price for a bag was N20,000.

Mama S pride ice

Mama S pride rice is one of the top brands produced in Nigeria. Produced by OLAM Nigeria Limited

Mama Africa rice price

Mama’S Pride Premium Parboiled Rice – 50kg
₦ 30,000

Other types of rice and prices

Big Bull Rice Premium Parboiled – 50Kg
₦ 31,550
₦ 31,730

₦ 39,980
₦ 42,500

50kg Packaged Brown Rice For Dog
₦ 27,500
STALLION Royal Stallion Golden Standard Rice – 50kg
₦ 37,800

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