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Price of beans in Nigeria Today

Price of foodstuffs have gone out of hand in recent times in Nigeria. With major consumables like bag of rice selling from N50,000 naira. Other foodstuffs are not left out like 50kg vegetable oil at N 27,000 and bag of garri N16,000 naira.

It is more difficult for middle or low income families to eat 2 meals daily. Beans one of the popular food consumed daily is not left out of the frenzy in price. We have gone to the market to get the Price of beans in Nigeria today.

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Price of beans in Nigeria Today


Beans is the seed of a flowering plant eaten worldwide. It is cooked, steamed, fried, boiled or baked. This summer crop is easy to grow and matures in 55 to 60 days.

Types of beans

There are over 40,000 variety of beans with only a fraction mass produced. Species or common variety are the French beans, Black beans, Black-eyed beans, peas, soybean, Tamarind ,

Type of beans eaten in Nigeria

We have established that there are over a hundred variety of beans worldwide. Therefore which type is most eaten and favored in Nigeria.

Top beans are those farmed in Niger and Maiduguri like the deliciously sweet Ewa Oloyin beans. Another popular one commonly produced in same region is the Olotu beans. Other verities eaten by Nigerian’s is the small Oloyin, small or large white beans

Oloyin beans

Olotu beans

Small Oloyin

White beans

Beans dishes

There are many dishes made from beans eaten in Nigeria. We have the regular boiled beans, beans omelette, Moimoi, Akara (bean cake)

Price of bag of beans
November 9 2021

With Christmas around the corner we see a continuous increase in rice, beans and garri. A bag of white beans in Nigeria today costs N50,000 to N60,000 naira. Retail plastic of white beans was sold at N2,500 to N3,000 naira.
A bag of oloyin light brownish sweet beans sold for N80,000 naira while brown bean N70,000.

The current price of beans in Nigeria

Maiduguri White Beans ,Small Sizes ,50kg
₦ 33,000
Borno, Maiduguri

Native Black Beans: Akidi
₦ 2,500

Beans – White 4 L

How to start beans wholesale and retail business

To start beans wholesale and retail business write a business plan, then carry out a feasibility study. You need startup funds, good location, storage facility, transportation and market
Network with farmers to buy their produce. Major expenses are purchase of beans on bulk, transportation and distributors.

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