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Price of Elubo in Nigeria Today

Dark Yam flour known in local terms as Elubo Isu is produced from yam that is peeled, sliced, cleaned and dried. It is then blended into a smoothish flour that is cooked in water under constant heat and vigorously stirred.

The finished dish is a blackish brown dish called Amala and a favorite dish of the Yoruba people.
It has an acquired almost sour taste and eaten with vegetable soup, ogbono, ewedu, egusi or okra soup.

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Price of Elubo in Nigeria Today

Elubo Isu ( Yam flour)

Elubo Isu is made from African Yams and popular among people of Western Nigeria. The elubo flour is packed with fiber has low calories and the dark flour is moderately simple to prepare.

Amala Food

Amala is a local indigenous Nigerian food eaten by the Yoruba people of Western Nigeria. It is made from either Yam flour, Unripe plantain flour or Cassava flour.

The plantain, cassava ( white flour) or yam is peeled, sliced into tiny bits, cleaned then dried and blended into a flour. The black resultant flour is due to the drying process.

Types of Amala

There are 3 types of Amala in Nigeria. We have the Yam flour (àmàlà isu), Plantain flour (Amala ogede) and Cassava flour (àmàlà láfún). Cassava flour (àmàlà láfún) is dried cassava flour.

  1. Yam flour (àmàlà isu)
  2. Plantain flour (Amala ogede)
  3. Cassava flour (àmàlà láfún)

(Cassava flour fufu)

Láfún is white Amala otherwise known as cassava flour fufu. It is eaten as a swallow with vegetable soup, okra or ewedu. To make cassava flour, the cassava is processed, dried and blended to make the white flour. Unlike Amala that requires constant heat in the preparation process, láfún is made in a similar way to eba.

Price of Elubo in Nigeria Today
8 November 2021

Yam flour

Yamflour – Elubo Kayomo – 2.3Kg

Amala Yam Flour 1kg – 100% Natural – No Preservatives – Lump Free And Fluffy. – Elubo

Yam Elubo Isu
₦35,000.00 / 100kg to 200kg
Price is negotiable

Plantain flour

Amala Elubo – Plantain Flour- 1.5kg

Plantain flour and yam flour

10kg bags of plantain flour and yam flour₦ 10,000

Cassava flour láfún

Laafun (cassava Flour)

How to start yam flour business

There are 3 aspects to yam flour business, the production, wholesale and retail
An entrepreneur needs to focus on one of the ventures. To start yam flour production you need to source the raw material the yam from farmers. Luckily Nigeria is blessed with abundance of huge yams perfect for yam flour production.

Setting up a yam flour production plan

To setup a yam flour production plant you need sharp knifes, a means to dry the sliced yam and blender. Some production plants purchase already dried and processed yam and only blend into flour.

Setting up a wholesale and retail yam flour business

Setting up a yam flour wholesale and retail business requires a warehouse or shop, transportation, funding. Make sure the shop is in a popular market to leverage on existing customer base.

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