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Price of Sugar in Nigeria

Dangote refined sugar is the number one brand of sugar in the Nigerian market, fortified with vitamin A it adds sweetness to food and drink. However sugar intake is advised in moderation for it’s benefits and avoidance of any negative effects.

Dangote refined sugar is available in 250g, 500g, 1kg package. The sugar is refined and fortified with fine white granules to easily dissolve in beverage or drink.

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Price of Sugar in Nigeria

Price of Sugar in Nigeria
Sugar factory

Uses of sugar

Dangote sugars raw material is sourced from Brazil the leading producers of sugarcane.It is used as a sweetener, found in preservatives and a texture modifier. Other uses include fermentation substrate, bulking agent, colouring and flavouring.

What is sugar

Sugar is sweet tasting carbohydrates like galactose, fructose and glucose, there are also compound sugars like sucrose, lactose, maltose. Granulated , regular or table sugar are sucrose.

White Sugar

White sugar is crystalized sucrose extract from beet or sugarcane. Production process starts from harvesting the sugarcane, extraction of juice and boiling to reduce moisture. As the moisture reduces the natural juice start crystalizing, then the crystalized sugar is removed leaving molasses.

White sugar specifications

White sugar specification are regular granulation, sparkling white color, normal radiation. Others are CurrentIcumsa: 45 – 100 RBU,
Polarization at 99.8 % Minimum Ash Content: 0.04 %, Maximum
Moisture: 0.04 %, Maximum
Solubility: 100 % Free Flowing.

Types of white sugar

There are many variations of white suga are coarse sugar (decoration sugar, lump sugar (sugar cubes), powdered sugar, caster sugar (superfine sugar) granulated sugar (table sugar.

Coarse sugar

Coarse sugar or Decorating sugar is similar to table sugar except it has large sugar crystals. It is mainly used as decoration on cakes or confectionery.

Caster and Granulated sugar

Caster sugar easily dissolve because of the small crystals while granulated sugar are the common table sugar.

Cane sugar
White sugar refined sugar brown sugar

Price of Sugar in Nigeria

Dangote Sugar – 500g X 2
₦ 1,160
₦ 1,550

Dangote Refined Granulated Sugar – 1kg X 10
₦ 7,500

Dangote Refined Granulated White Sugar – 500g (X 20)
₦ 11,000
₦ 14,000

Half and Full Bag of Dangote Sugar
₦ 21,500
Enugu, Enugu / Enugu State

Dangote 50kg Sugar Fortified Refined
₦ 23,000
Lagos, Ikeja

Golden Penny Sugar.
₦ 2,750
Edo, Benin City

List of sugar manufacturing company in Nigeria

Top factories are Dangote sugar plc Bua sugar, Golden sugar company limited, Veekay continental products, Savannah Sugar company limited.

  1. Dangote sugar plc
  2. Bua sugar
  3. Golden sugar company limited
  4. Veekay continental products
  5. Savannah Sugar company limited

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