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Price of vegetable oil in Nigeria Today

Global food prices hit fresh 10-year high, UN says
According to the BBC News report Global food prices hit fresh 10-year high, UN says.

The united nations estimate an over a decade high of. 30%. The disturbing figures include soaring prices of vegetable oil and cereal according to spokes person of the organization, vegetable prices hit an all high 10% in October.

The cause is related to post covid pointers like factory closures including political tension.

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Price of vegetable oil in Nigeria Today

What is vegetable oil

Vegetable oil is an oil extracted from a seed or fruit, this includes soyabean oil, groundnut oil. Similar extract is found in rice bran, palm oil, olive oil. Vegetable oil is strictly edible vegetable fat liquid at room temperature.

Uses of vegetable oil

Uses of vegetable oil include fats, oils, food. It is used in culinary applications, and found in manufactured products. Other uses are in pet food additives, fuel, and lubricants.

Price of vegetable oil in Nigeria Today
7 November 2021

  1. Price of kings vegetable oil

10 litres Kings vegetable oil

  1. Price of Mamador Vegetable Oil

Mamador Vegetable Oil 1.5 Litre ×3
₦ 9,000
₦ 10,500

Mamador Vegetable Oil (1.5Litres X 2)
₦ 6,500
₦ 8,000

Mamador Vegetable Oil 1.5 Litre ×4
₦ 25,900
₦ 35,000

  1. Price of Grand vegetable oil


  1. Devon KingS Cooking oil

Devon King’S Cooking Oil – 5L
₦ 4,590
₦ 6,800

Devon King’S Kings Vegetable Cooking Oil 10 Litre
₦ 16,490
₦ 19,000

Devon King’S Devon Kings Vegetable Oil.
₦ 9,999
₦ 12,000

Devon King’S Vegetable Cooking Oil (Devon Kings 60pcs)

Brand:Devon King’S|Similar products from Devon King’S
₦ 9,000

How to start vegetable oil business

Vegetable oil is highly popular in Nigeria. It is used in many dishes to fry fish, meat, chicken or turkey. Entrepreneurs interested in the business need to determine which aspect of the business they prefer.

They can go into vegetable oil production, wholesale or retail aspect of vegetable oil business. First write a business plan, source startup funds, hire staff, secure a location and register the business. Others include purchase of equipment, tax, marketing.

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