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Price of wheat flour in Nigeria & List of flour Mills in Nigeria 2022

Nigerian’s love their food especially bakes and chops, they also love their swallows, mashed and fries. That is why there is a huge number of fastfood outlets in Nigeria, serving delicious snacks like meat pie, doughnuts, cakes, sausage rolls. They also specialize in swallows like eba, Amala, Semovita and continental dishes like white rice, fried rice, jollof.

Another flour based product consumed everyday is bread, making flour one of the most consumed food product in Nigeria. Despite different choice of flour the most popular and most available is wheat flour. We have conducted a research to find the current cost of flour in Nigeria today.

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Price of wheat flour in Nigeria

Types of wheat flour

Before we go ahead it is important to know that there are different types of flour apart from wheat flour available in the market. Soft white, gluten free, garbanzo bean flour, plain baking flour, all-purpose enriched.

Wheat flour

  1. Soft white
  2. gluten free
  3. garbanzo bean flour
  4. plain baking flour
  5. all-purpose enriched.

Price of wheat flour in Nigeria

Bag of Confectionery Golden Penny Flour
₦ 20,600
Abuja, Kubwa

Whole Wheat Meal – 2kg X 5pcs

King Arthur White Whole Wheat Multi Purpose Flour, 5 Lb
Ubuy Nigeria

Palouse Brand Whole Wheat Bread Flour 48oz 3lbs
₦ 5,000
₦ 6,000


Gluten Free All Purpose Baking Flour 44oz 1.24kg.

All Purpose Enriched Flour 5.5 Lb
Ubuy Nigeria

List of flour Mills in Nigeria

Flour is one of the most consumed products in Nigeria. Wheat flour is consumed everyday as bread, biscuits, bakes. Over 5 million tons of the product was consumed in 2020, thus giving rise to many flour Mills in the country.

Flour Mills are not limited to wheat flour and different grains are processed into flour. Some are wheat, maize, rice, soybean, sorghum.

What is milling?

Milling is a process whereby grain is ground in flour product by means of hand or automated machinery.

A Milling process

The milling process starts with the harvesting of the grain, then delivery to flour mill. Next it goes to a storage unit before cleaning and de-stoner process.

The de- stoner process romoves stone, sand and other farm debris. After that the calming process whereby water is added to the grain. Finally it goes through repeated grinding, sifting, purification to achieve smooth flour product.

Milling process

  1. harvesting of the grain
  2. delivery to flour mill
  3. storage unit
  4. cleaning
  5. de-stoner process
  6. calming process
  7. grinding
  8. sifting
  9. purification

List of flour Mills in Nigeria

Here is a list of flour Mills in Nigeria. Top Mills are Olam Group, Northern Nigeria Flour Mills Plc, Life Flour Mill Ltd and Honeywell.

Others are Flour Mills Of Nigeria PLC makes of the popular Golden Penny, Dangote Flour Mills, Crown Flour Mill Limited.

Flour Mills in Nigeria

  1. Olam Group
  2. Northern Nigeria Flour Mills Plc
  3. Life Flour Mill Ltd
  4. Honeywell
  5. Flour Mills Of Nigeria PLC
    6 Dangote Flour Mills
  6. Crown Flour Mill Limited

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