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Here is a guide on how to plant, grow and harvest radish. Radish is a vegetable with botanical name Raphanus sativus. It requires sandy, loamy and neutral pH soil. The hardiness zones are 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10.

Health Benefits

There are different types of radishes with lots of healthbenefits. They are said to purify blood, detoxify the body and used in traditionalmedicine to fight jaundice. They are a good source of anthyocyanins, high invitamin c and fiber. They improve digestion, fortifies blood vessels good forskin.

Types of Radish

There is a huge selection of radish however recommended varieties include ‘Rat’s Tail’, ‘Daikon’ known as ‘winter’ radish and ‘Watermelon’. ‘

Watermelon’ has a whitish skin pink center and mild flavor. Others are ‘Dragon’s Tail’, ‘French Breakfast’ and ‘Burpee White’. Rats Tail has a strong tangy spicy flavor while Dragons Tail has a rich purple color.


  • ‘Rat’s Tail’
  • ‘Daikon’ known as ‘winter’ radish
  • ‘Watermelon’
  • ‘Dragon’s Tail’
  • ‘French Breakfast’
  • ‘Burpee White’

Pests and Diseases in Radish

The main challenge to growing them are weeds. Weeds compete with soil nutrients and crowd the vegetable.

A farmer should weed regularly to reduce the prevalence of competing plants. Other challenges are Club root and Cabbage root maggots.

  • Clubroot
  • Cabbage root maggots

How to Harvest and Store Radish

Most varieties mature in 21 days and ready for harvesting. Once mature harvest immediately to avoid rapid depreciation. Pull out when the root diameter is 1 -1.5inchs at soil surface.

Cut off the thin root tail and tops. Remove dirt by washing them and dry thoroughly. To extend the lifespan wrap in plastic bag and refrigerate. Even with refrigeration they can store for only 2 to 3 days.


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