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Here are 8 health benefits of radish. It is used in stuffing’s, salads, sandwich or radish soup. There are different kinds that grow in different seasons. We have winter, summer and spring radishes.

1Nutrient Content

Health benefits include high in antioxidants and loaded with vitamin A,C, E, K and B6. They contain calcium, copper and magnesium. Others are phosphorous, fiber, iron, manganese and zinc.

2. Obesity

Obese people can drink lots of radish soup and eat radish salads. It is a good partner in the fight with obesity.

3. Gastric problems

Certain properties found in the vegetable is used for gastric problems. The root vegetable works on stomach acidity and digestive system

4. Boost blood vessels

Traditional medicine practitioners have used radish concoctions to fortify and boost blood vessels. It also control the damage of red blood cells

5. Skin care

There are radish based products develop to fight pimples and rashes. It is used as a solution for dry skin and remove dandruff.

Plant, grow and harvest radish

6. Immunity

The high content of vitamin C protects from cough, common colds. It is believed to improve immune system and found in anti-aging lotions and creams.

7 High fiber

The high fiber content aids digestion fights water retention. The say it reduces risk of cardiovascular disease. This is because of anthyocyanins in the vegetable.

8. Oxygen Supply

It is believed to increase oxygen supply in the body.


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