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Right way to get fresh water in catfish pond

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Get fresh water in catfish pond

Catfish farming is the growing of catfish in pond environment. There are different types of pond systems to consider such as block pond, plastic, concrete or earthen pond.

Types of ponds

  1. Block pond
  2. Plastic pond
  3. Concrete pond
  4. Earthen pond

If you are reading this then congratulations you probably have started your own fish farm, however if you are new to the trade we have many articles on how to start catfish farming.

Catfish farming
Catfish farming

Water source

Best water source for catfish production is borehole system. This is because you need lots of fresh water for your fish. If you have a well the technique we highlight below will be a little challenging,

Question: A recurrent question our readers ask is what is the right way to get fresh water in catfish pond.

Answer: We thought the answer was simple, use the outlet to drain and inlet to fill the pond.

However on hide sight we realized there is a little bit more than simply changing the water.

Removing debris from catfish pond

This method is possible for only block, concrete or plastic pond. Most catfish farmers observe that after draining the pond and filling, the water it still looks a little dirty.

This is because of trapped dirt or debris in the pond. There are some simple steps to completely remove dirty water and get fresh clean water into the pond.

Step one

First step is to completely drain the pond. Make sure the catfish pond is completely drained of water. Catfish are able to breathe atmospheric air for a short duration of time.

Step two

Once drained keep the outlet system open and start pumping water into the pond. Because the inlet is supplying water there is a small build-up of water in the pond that drains continuously.

Step three

After about five minutes close the outlet and allow the water build-up in the pond. Let the inflow into the pond completely cover the fish for about a few inches.

Step four

Once the water completely cover the fish stop the inflow and open the outflow to drain the pond. Once the pond is drained, open the inflow to pump water into the pond with the outlet still open.

Step five

Let the water flow freely and gradually build-up. You will notice that fresh water flushes any residue or dirty water from the outlet. Let the inflow rush for about five minutes before closing the outlet.

As you fill the pond you will notice that the water is very clear, clean and fresh. Fill to your desired height and stop the inflow. That’s the right way to get fresh water into your catfish pond.

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